Light My Fires
By Barry Chamish

How much lower can Israel sink without reaching the endless flames?
Just before the opening of the Rabin Week commemoration ceremonies, an Israeli court scared the willies out of the owners of Arutz Sheva, the hugely popular voice of the religious community. The government had had enough of this truth over the airwaves business and crushed the voice of half a million people in one swift blow. And what a blow it must have been. Arutz Sheva's owners didn't waste a breath after conviction dumping their broadcast ship. Of course, final sentencing was postponed,awaiting the correct actions undertaken by the beaten ownership of Arutz Sheva.
A week later, Carmi Gillon, who plotted the Rabin assassination when he was head of the Shabak, and plotted the Hebron massacre when he was head of the Jewish department of the same Shabak, was elected new town council head, like a mayor, of the Jerusalem satellite city of Mevaseret Tzion. Half the vote went to a serial killer.
Then the attorney general drops all charges against Ehud Barak for blatant campaign fraud and ordered Ariel Sharon grilled for seven hours on similar charges. And no matter how you read all this, it isn't good. Just forget the subtleties and conclude that all our prime ministers are corrupt. Must be something in the system.
Of course, it's just as bad abroad, Arnold Son Of Nazi is elected and his satanic buddies decide to burn down Southern California to celebrate. All the fires there were started by arson. The only exception was the San Diego blaze, which was supposedly ignited by a lost hunter. If I cared about justice, I'd really take a close look at who this hunter is.
This was coordinated, engineered arson. And something similar took place in Israel on the day before Nov. 1/03, when the Rabin memorial rally was scheduled at the square now named after him. It seems some really bad people painted swastikas on the stone monument surrounding his eternal flame just a few feet from where the rally was to be held.
Oh, the significance, the significance. And the bad people sprayed awful messages on the sacred stone like, "Kahane Lives." Why that must mean those radical religious setllers did this to Rabin's sacred memory!
And if that wasn't too much of an atrocity, another baddie tried to extinguish Rabin's eternal flame with his spit. But thank goodness, he was caught. Enough is enough. We all have to get to that rally and fight the religious, right wing settler fascists!
Do you believe there are still Israelis who know the Shabak wasn't behind this farce? But fewer every day. The day before the rally, the conservative newspaper Makor Rishon published the results of a poll of its readership, asking, "Do you believe in the conspiracy theory behind Rabin's murder?" 73% - yes, 27% - no. And don't think a whole lot of people didn't take note of those numbers.
Shimon Peres clearly didn't. At the rally, he incriminated himself, telling the assembled that, "three bullets pierced Yitzhak Rabin." Yes, they did, but the findings of the Shamgar Commission, which you accepted as Prime Minister in 1996, concluded that Rabin was shot twice. So go explain that one away, Shimon.
It's all so hideous that I'm going to fight back. Yesterday I went through many hours of video that I've never utilized. On Thursday, Nov. 6, at the Windmill Hotel in Jerusalem, is the fourth annual conference on the Rabin Assassination. Call 050 205591 or write, for details.
This year I'm going to beef up my presentation. There will be additional documents handed out and a half hour of never before presented video clips.
And I'm going to break my silence about someone who should be known. In my book, Save Israel!, I claim that there was an eye-witness to the goings-on at Ichilov Hospital. I wrote that he was a journalist who arrived at the hospital before anyone else, hid in a ventilation closet, and watched the shenanigans around Rabin. I hinted that this journalist later became allied to a high-ranking political figure.
Alright, I'm naming him: Aviv Bushinsky, the Voice Of Israel reporter who later became Binyamin Netanyahu's press spokesman. This is a fact that has come from the highest authority. For now, I won't name him.
Aviv Bushinsky witnessed what happened at Ichilov Hospital and he could solve the murder if he chose to. The country is sinking fast Aviv, we're burning alive; maybe it's time you told all of us what you saw at Ichilov Hospital way back on November the fourth of 1995.
** If anyone thought that my idea of giving my new Hebrew book to influential Israelis to change public opinion was half-baked; have I got a surprise for you. Jim and Betty Searcy have been the driving source powering this idea. Their radio listeners have sent dozens of $20 bills and I've been handing out books. Now look at the effect.
I chose to give out a copy to a group of Nahal, left wing, infantry officers. Within a week the book was read and one of the officers posted a question on the IDF-Radio website: Could I Be Right? Within a day there were 5 pages of replies and over 600 viewers. Right in the heart of the IDF.
I gave books to such a wide variety of people, I'm not sure who pulled this off. My Hebrew Rabin site at was listed by the country's prime web engine, Nana. Yesterday, the site received over 1,400 hits.
Jim and his people really are making a difference. If you want to join them, e-mail me at That's also the address to order Save Israel! and my other books, including Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin.
Or send me $20 a book at:
Barry Chamish
Nakhal Zohar 40/2
Modiin 71700 Israel
Here are some good Rabin sites to spread around:
We conclude with a remarkable document compiled by my brilliant webmaster Michael Fridrich. No matter how I tried, I could not involve my English readers. Michael has gathered the testimonies of policemen at the scene of Rabin's shooting by Amir. ALL of them thought Amir's shots were "caps," "firecrackers," "blanks," "not real" etc. Not a policeman believed he heard actual gunshots.
Even more remarkable was Amir's reaction to being arrested. He told the police he was working with them and even said he was an undercover policeman. He expressed great surprise that he was arrested, reacting, "Why are you putting handcuffs on me? I did what I was supposed to, now you do your duty."
Hebrew readers, download the imagefile, copy, paste and send widely.



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