Herbal Medicine
'Cures Lung Cancer'

(AAP) -- University researchers claim to have found a possible cure for lung cancer using traditional Chinese medicine.
A Sydney lung cancer sufferer used herbal medicine exclusively to cure her of the disease, Chinese medicine researchers heard today.
The 51-year-old woman was diagnosed with lung cancer eight years ago and was given less than a 10 per cent chance of survival, RMIT University Head of Chinese Medicine Associate Professor Charlie Xue said.
Professor Xue was speaking at the First World Congress on Chinese Medicine which started today in Melbourne and is expected to attract more than 600 people from 22 countries.
The woman, who had smoked since she was a teenager had a tumour on her right lung, refused western medicine including chemotherapy and surgery, he said.
Today the woman, who has not been identified, has been given a clean bill of health, Professor Xue said.
He said researchers hoped her case would bring them closer to understanding how herbal medicine could assist in the treatment of lung cancer.
He said Chinese herbal medicine researchers wanted to work closer with western medicine doctors in fighting illnesses like cancer.
"I think the message we're saying is there are other options out there that might be useful and the two systems need to work closer together," he said.
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