Proof Dried Cow Blood/Plasma
Serum Fed To Livestock
From Patricia Doyle, PhD

Most consumers don't know what is being fed to the animals they eat. Many people have heard that offal is no longer fed to livestock. Most do not know that dried blood is fed to young calfs, as well as other livestock, such as pigs.
We know that prion disease can infect via blood. Recently, the UK had cases of nvCJD or mad cow spread via blood donor.
Do we really need to "push the envelope" by feeding dry blood, plasma, serum proteins etc to livestock?
I don't see the feeding of serum proteins, blood etc as a benefit to either the livestock or the humans that conume the livestock.
I am including the information below as proof that we still feed animal products to livestock.
Patricia Doyle
The Basic Science Behind Spray-Dried Plasma And Serum Proteins
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