LBJ's Liberty Plan
From J B Campbell

Good analysis of the goofy fraudster Cristol. I'm sure the Israelis wish he'd just shut up.
But it's really not an Israeli crime as much as an American crime. The Liberty guys were to be sacrificed for Israel's expansion. Just imagine how the map would have been redrawn if the inept Jews had been able to sink the ship. Johnson guaranteed them plenty of time to sink it, but they just couldn't get the job done.
Several facts support this conclusion:
1. The ship was ordered just off Gaza in the middle of a shooting war;
2. The ship was given no protection before or after the attack started;
3. When by a miracle a distress signal was received, jet fighters were immediately scrambled to defend the ship but were recalled by McNamara;
4. As the attack wore on, jets were again scrambled and were ordered recalled by Lyndon Johnson;
5. No defense was ever allowed and the expectation was that the ship would sink;
6. LBJ was quoted by a UPI reporter in the war room as saying, "I'd rather they sink the goddamned thing than go against our friends;"
The cover-up as described by Ward Boston, with drastic punishment for talkative survivors, could not have been for the benefit of Israel, since the attack was already if dimly known by the public. It was for the benefit of Lyndon Johnson and his Zionist handlers who had planned the massacre for Israel's benefit.
This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to create Eretz Israel with the full support of an outraged American public. It was the perfect crime, but the Jews blew it. To argue now, almost forty years later, that it was a deliberate attack by Israel is a waste of time. It is American treachery which must be exposed and understood. As with the case of September 11, it was a joint US/Israeli operation to create support for Israel's expansion and to give our Zionist warlords undisputed power over all US policymaking, foreign and domestic.




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