Another Warning - Pelican
Die-Off In Louisiana
From Patricia Doyle, PhD

Hello, Jeff - We can add this one to the ever-increasing number of fish and animal die-offs. Here is another sign of a planet in trouble. The Gulf of Mexico is dead, and its creatures both land and sea are failing. They cannot live in the pollution as evidenced by the illness described below. Humans? We are next!
Patricia Doyle
From ProMED mail The Tuscaloosa News 1-10-4
Arthur Nelson, an Alabama fisherman working south of Grand Isle, reported this week that several pelicans died on his boat and that many more were sick.
"They had red sores on their bills and their necks, holes in the pouches, and when they tried to eat the fish, they would fall out the holes," Nelson said. "The last 2 days, there were 8 or 10 birds dying on the boat. Never seen that before."
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials are looking into the matter.
Russ Wilson, an agency field supervisor in Lafayette, said there was no cause for alarm from a health perspective. Pelican kills are known to occur during cold weather, he said.
"We have to look into this business with the pouches," he added. "It's significant enough that we need to see whether we can get samplings."
Buddy Gautreaux, an agency biologist, said there is no way to tell whether a chemical, parasites or disease is to blame.
Brown pelicans, Louisiana's official state bird, are numerous but still considered a threatened species. The birds disappeared from Louisiana in the late 1950s, largely due to pesticides entering the food chain. Between 1968 and 1980, a massive replenishing effort saw birds that were native to Florida relocated on North Island in the Chandeleurs and Queen Bess Island in Barataria Bay. Nesting colonies also were set up on Isle Dernieres off the Terrebonne Parish coast and on various mud banks on the Mississippi River.
In 2002, the estimated Louisiana pelican population was 50 000.
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