NSA Continues The USS
Liberty Cover-up

By Danny Goldberg

Dear Mr. Rense,
We went to the NSA webpage to listen to the Israeli pilots conversation during their attack on the USS Liberty. This NSA information was forced out of the NSA via Freedom Of Information Act. Our sources told us that the recording will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that our pilots knew that they are attacking the USS Liberty. Not only that, our pilots verified that this was an American ship eight times (!) between 6am and noon on that day.
To our surprise, the NSA broke American law (just as they did in 911), and erased most of the audio information proving again that the Zionists are in total control of your country.
Also, when we tried to download the pdf files, we encountered many problems, and finally we gave up.
We always have the same problems with the Zionists. Whatever crime they are doing, they are hiding it for 50 years from the public for 'security reasons' (now we understand that they are not lying, they are hiding it for THEIR OWN security). Only now we discovered that President Johnson was a traitor allowing the massacre and attempted sinking of the USS liberty. Only last year we discovered that President Johnson was involved in the JFK assassination.
Danny Goldberg
I am enclosing the NSA page, just in case the Zionists try to shut it down completely:
U.S.S. Liberty
On 02 July 2003, the National Security Agency (NSA) released additional information relative to the 08 June 1967 attack on the U.S.S. Liberty. This release includes three audio recordings, transcripts (in English), three follow-up reports, and a U.S. Cryptologic History Report entitled "Attack on a Sigint Collector, the U.S.S. Liberty." The recordings are in Hebrew and contain time counts in English that were added by the intercept operator. The follow-up reports are summaries of the three transcripts with non-substantive chatter omitted and a compiled report that summarizes the activity and contains the text of the transcripts. The U.S. Cryptologic History Report is a less redacted version of the same document originally released in 1999.
How the information was obtained:
Within an hour of learning that the Liberty had been torpedoed the Director, NSA, LTG Marshall S. Carter, USA, sent a message to all intercept sites requesting a special search of all communications that might reflect the attack or reaction. No communications were available. However, one of the airborne platforms, a U.S. Navy EC-121, had collected voice conversations between two Israeli helicopter pilots and the control tower at Hazor Airfield following the attack on the Liberty.
Audio Recording Labeled 104, dated 8 June 1967, 1229Z-1244Z
Transcript (in English) PDF Format - 8,076KB
Audio Recording Labeled 105, dated 8 June 1967, 1247Z-1319Z
Transcript (in English) PDF Format - 2,866KB
Audio Recording Labeled 130, dated 8 June 1967, 1307Z-1311Z
Transcript (in English) PDF Format - 821KB
Follow-up Report No. 1, dated 9 June 1967, 0831Z (PDF Format - 1,309KB)
Follow-up Report No. 2, dated 9 June 1967, 1422Z (PDF Format - 552KB)
Aftermath of Israeli Attack on U.S.S. Liberty, 22 June 1967, 1454Z (PDF Format - 5,509KB)
"Attack on a Sigint Collector, the U.S.S. Liberty", dated 1981 (originally released in 1999) (PDF Format - 15,439KB)




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