Outlaw BUSH - Not Jobs

Bush has presided over the greatest disaster, in job losses, since Herbert Hoover in the Great Depression. The US has lost in excess of 13 million jobs under this administration, in the nearly three years since they "took" office. That does not even count all the jobless who have just run out of benefits.
In all this time Bush has done NOTHING to create jobs for the citizens of this country. Now, eleven months from the next election, Bush has decided to offer "discount jobs" to between 8 and 12 million illegals. He says that these are jobs that Americans won't take. In many cases the "illegals" are cutting the rates for the work in half, because they will take whatever the employer is offering - at least initially. This devalues the labor, destroys any benefits that once went with the jobs, and makes a mockery of being a U.S. citizen. Basically, if you're an American who has played by all the rules - you are now being sold out to someone who has broken our laws and undercut other Americans, to take their jobs at half the pay. Now the President wants to legalize this theft of the right to work here, for a cheap political advantage at the polls.
What the Bushwhacker might not realize is that the unemployed Americans can vote - and the twenty to thirty million in the ranks of the unemployed might not smile on this latest obscenity from the Cheney-Bush, Rove, Sharon conspiracy. Not only does Bush deride the legitimacy of being a citizen when he tries to legalize the illegal work force: But his actions here show his contempt for the plight of everyone who is unemployed - as well as for all those who will join our ranks before the election.
The problem here is one of just too many people. The State of California has been flooded with families from a lot of countries, with millions more on the way. These families have children, and they all need to use the roads, the schools, and the infrastructure of the state and nation. Yes a lot of illegals do pay taxes - but it's chump change compared to what their employers (Wal-Mart, etc) do NOT pay. The crime here is not that down-and-out-people come here from other countries to find work. The crime here is that US employers do not pay their share of the taxes, according to the benefit they are receiving by using half-price labor, whether that labor is legal or illegal. So once again the administration is rewarding those criminal employers who continue to steal from the nation and the state to simply increase their own bottom line.
Bush now feels comfortable enough with the complacency of Americans that he is willing to do this obscene thing openly - because he and his designers are certain that there will be no backlash! It's past time for Bush to realize that there is another side to American involvement when it comes to our rights and our jobs!
"What's the Point!"




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