USS Liberty And
Zionist Propaganda

By Danny Goldberg

Dear Mr. Rense,
A former Zionist from Canada just sent us this 'wonderful' Zionist propaganda website and we could not hold ourselves from forwarding it to you. Now that your readers are very well educated with the best articles collection on this subject on the internet, they would be able to 'appreciate' the enclosed website's cheap lies and propaganda.
It starts with this classical Zionist attack on anyone who exposes their Zionist fabrications:
"Most conspiracies hang together by a belabored psycho-social paranoid analysis. The conspiracy theory that Israel's attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 was "intentional" is a slanderous fabrication. There are always those who will believe these conspiracy theories because they want to, because they have prejudices which make them vulnerable to these false allegations and no amount of logic or denial will ever convince them otherwise. This essay is not for them." <>
The Zionist establishment, with their total control of American media, fed you with lies for half a century. With unlimited money supply (YOUR money!) and an army of fabrication writers, you Americans are helpless AS YOU READ LIES ALL YOUR LIVES. The average American is living in a world of fantasy and fiction and has no way of distinguishing the truth from the sea of fabrications. We Israelis and Jews kept quiet all this time, as the Zionists are controlling over 90% of the worlds money supply. 911 changed the picture dramatically. When the public find out who forced the Pentagon to plan the 911, Jews around the world will distance themselves from the Zionists and the Zionists plan for world domination will crumble.
Zionists relentless attempts for world domination may lead to a new Jewish holocaust. This is the reason why very few Israelis today still see themselves as Zionists. And this is the reason why Jews around the world today want nothing to do with Israel. If you see a 'demonstration' in support of Israel, it is usually financed with Zionists money and your local Israeli embassy. Please understand that we Israelis and Jews are now hostages at the hands of the Zionists as they are controlling all of our institutions, just as they are controlling all your media, Senators and congressmen.
Danny Goldberg




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