Video - Iraqis Killed By
US Apache Copter


In the video, the 'vehicle' on the left side of the frame is clearly a farm tractor...
"The clip was cut from a longer video obtained by ABC News last week and verified by a senior US army official." -
The Video can be seen here
The video conveniently leaves out the part where a guy turns up, grabs a long cylindrical object (probably RPG or AA launcher), runs into the field and drops it. The guys act mighty suspicious running back and forth. Also, as soon as the first guy is hit, you see the second unwrapping the weapon in hopes of shooting down the chopper. Now i don't like what america is doing in iraq and the world. But i have no problem with this except the part where they execute the wounded guy.
From Marc Spess
Hi Jeff,
You can see the guy behind the tractor tries to get the RPG out as fast as he can when he sees the first guy get hit. In the beginning, the first two guys look directly at the helicopter as you can see in this version which is a little clearer. One appears to have a long military style bandana on. They probably heard the Apache but could not see it, and the Iraqi running back and forth is clearly unhappy about being in the open. All signs that they were most likely troops. Either way it is still sad to lose your life that way.
The long piece of fabric that is slung out before the second man is shot - is actually a long sleeve that was covering a shoulder fired rocket.
From Marc Spess
Hi -
You have to forgive the quality. I took these with my digital camera and cut them up to make them small enough to send. The actual footage is a little clearer then these.
Frame 0 - two Iraqis appear to look right at the helicopter while talking and assessing the situation.
Frame 1 - RPG which is wrapped in a protective gun stocking of some kind is pulled out of the truck.
Frame 2 - a guy behind the tractor is off screen "left" and picks the RPG up that this guy drops half way between the tractor and the trucks. He seems to know he is in danger and runs to the left, and to the right as if to dodge the unforeseen danger. Most likely they could hear the Apache but not see it and knew they could be shot.
Frame 3 - right after the first guy is hit, this guy behind the tractor throws the stocking off and behind him very quickly which covers the RPG "something a soldier would do in that situation" and is immediately hit.
In the 12 MB footage I downloaded shows the guy running back and forth has a bandana on that goes all the way down to the middle of his back. And appears to be in a rag tag military uniform. But I don't think that most Iraqis had any particular uniforms since they were so poor. So it's impossible to say for sure, but all the signs seem to point to these guys being soldiers.
When I first saw the shorter footage you have linked on your page, I fealt really bad for these guys because I was under the same impression. But when I found and watched the longer version it was clear that these guys were in fact up to no good, and behaved like you would expect. They took cover near the only large objects around. They were quick to move in open areas. And the solder with the RPG was getting it ready to fire under a seriously stressful situation when he sees his friend explode in a hail of bullets. It's unfortunate that they died that way, enemy or not. I don't believe they were farmers though.
From Fred Moore
Hello Jeff,
I was shocked at this murder!! No wonder the Iraqis are fighting back the American aggression. Regardless what the American excuse was, let's not forget that the American forces are the aggressors and such video will add more fuel to the fire and attract more anti American sentiment in the region.
The readers can say all day long that the troops had the right to defend themselves, and that's what Hitler said when he massacred the Polish army, "the German troops had to defend themselves." The fact the matter is, the American troops are guilty of aggression and there is no excuse in the world to state otherwise.
Thanks in part to your (former) Secretary of Treasury, Mr. O'Neal, who had revealed to the world how the invasion of Iraq was predetermined long before 9/11, right after Bush took office. My question is, when are the Americans going to wake up and figure out for themselves that a bunch of Zionist Jews are running the show in Washington?
From J
Hi Jeff:
The vehicle on the left side of the screen is a tractor. How do I come to that conclusion, I was raised on a farm and drove tractors all the time. Also, the white lines in the picture look like plow lines, and the white pipe at the front is the exhaust pipe. When was the last time you seen anyone stand up straight to get out of a truck. Did no one else notice the clock at the top left corner? It was shot at ~10:27 am Baghdad time. The military uses the 24 hour clock. It should have read 22:27 not 10:27.
From nospam
Apache Helicopter Triple Murder
Hi, I hope this goes somewhere.
The video shows a setup. Plain and simple. The men are not preparing or motivated to attack the Apache. They are obviously waffling and discussing their actions at the behest of an INSTIGATOR. The attempt to ditch the RPG is an obvious sign of their uncertainty.
Running back and forth, the man seen on the field was called back numerous times before actually picking up the 'weapon' and even then there is man#3 near the tractor who could have done the deed but didn't. You will also notice that the weapon is picked up -after- initial bursts are fired from the helicopter.
These men could clearly have been 'dusted off' and gathered for intelligence. The first part of the film shows the likely instigator and confusion about what to do. This is not a coordinated attack.
I performed 'red forces' actions to test base defenses and it was often that our team would be directed to a certain location at a certain time for the 'attack'. The sedan was followed. Much more would have been gained without this murder.
The video is having very predictable results in terms of galvanizing the "us vs them" mentality while ensuring that the rest of the world heightens their contempt.
Weren't our greatest national heroes 'freedom fighters'?
From Name Witheld

You know, our military has better things to do than "set up" farmers for a kill! Farmers in Iraq are not wandering around with shoulder mounted rocket launchers for self defense. A few rifles will suffice. And an Apache helicopter has means of detecting these weapons from a good distance. What do you expect them to do, shrug it off and assume its farmers who won't shoot at the chopper? Don't be a moron!
The propaganda from both sides in this conflict is outrageous, ridiculous and pathetic. Every atrocity must be accounted for, investigated, the people tried and punished. Soon. Be they American or Iraqi. And that includes Saddam and his elite guard who filled mass graves with blindfolded women and children, whom he declared "enemies of the state." These were not "collateral damage" of a conflict, these people were rounded up and executed en mass. The majority of the so-called "freedom fighters" are nothing more than Sunni rebels --- they don't like it now that they aren't on top, receiving the lavish attention Saddam poured out exclusively on his own pet "tribe." They are out numbered 5-1 by Shi'ites and other muslim factions. They don't want a government of majority rule. They are, within their own world, racists and elitists among Arab peoples. If Saddam didn't want Shi'ites or other muslims in his country, he should have rounded them up and taken them to the borders and made it a Sunni nation. But no, he chose to enslave them in poverty, routinely murder them and imprison them as enemies of the state, establish squads for raping women, etc... such a nice guy. Some of you people need to get your facts straight about Saddam and what he did. Whether we propped him up or not for an eventual phony war should not negate the atrocities he committed, that his guard committed. The blood bath must be put to an end. We need to get out because we are nothing but a source of irritation and abhoration to almost every faction of muslims there, but someone has to stop the Suni's who are sitting on massive stockpiles of weapons and money from slaughtering everyone else in the country, and that's exactly what will happen if someone doesn't put them down.



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