Zionist Extremists Terrorize Advertisers, Again


Once again, net fascists and terrorists are trying to take away your rights. These new Brown Shirts are ready to burn your books, and ours, and to financially destroy anyone who gets in the way of their plans for total domination and thought control...for they are absolutely petrified of the truth. and its advertisers continue to stand firm in the face of these dual-loyalty thugs and their pernicious and increasing threats to our First Amendment rights, Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Inquiry. We will not cease bringing our visitors the widest range of sometimes controversial information for your personal intellectual consideration. You deserve ALL the facts, all the viewpoints and opinions in order to make your best decisions about the most critical issues of our times. These dark forces dedicated to destroying our individual liberties and freedom of speech have no qualm threatening and harassing our supporters, friends and our brave advertisers.
This newest round of attacks on OUR freedoms are not the first, as our regular visitors know. See: Attempts To Silence Continue
and Attempts To Smear As 'Anti-Semitic' Continue )
The current spate of assaults is the most explicit and outrageous yet. The following is an actual email which was spammed out to several of our advertisers with their individual company names subbed in -- all of whom remain resolute in standing up to terror, or, as one ad client put it:
"I don't like being threatened by anyone, especially when I'm not guilty. They can go to hell!!!!!"
Unfortunately, attacks by these people do not stop at the keyboard. Staff and individuals at other 'target' net sites have received telephoned death threats...clear and unambiguous civil rights violations. These matters have been turned over to the FBI.
Threatening E-Mail Sent To Several Sponsors
You have chosen to advertise on, the web site owned and operated by Jeff Rense. This web site is a notorious anti-Semitic site that disseminates vicious Jew-hatred. Under the guise of First Amendment protection, Rense and his cohort James Neff provide a platform for Holocaust-Denial and intolerance towards Jews.
Your advertising dollars help support this person. It is, of course, your First Amendment right to do so.
However, if you choose to continue to support Rense, it is OUR First Amendment Right to send out the following message on the 68,000 Usenet Newsgroups, as well as mass mailings to your potential customers, as well as fliers in the city and area in which your company is located:
Are you aware that (Business Name) supports with its advertising dollars a vicious anti-Semitic web site that promotes hatred of Jews?
Jeff Rense, the proprietor of claims that he is simply a journalist reporting the news. Yet the 'news' that he reports seems to concentrate on the alleged misdeeds of Jews. When called upon to explain himself, Rense claims that he is only anti-Zionist, not anti-Semitic.
Yet, if it is only a matter of being anti-Zionist, then why does Rense devote so much space and provide a platform to those who deny the Holocaust, or who promote forgeries like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which purport to be the blueprints for a Jewish plan to take over the world?
How does Rense explain the following articles that he prints and promotes?
"World Jewry Declared Total War On Germany In 1933"
[Rense actually tries to explain that it was in fact the Jews who started World War II, and it was their alleged boycott that forced a supposedly reluctant Germany to promote anti-Jewish laws, and, ultimately, genocide against six million Jews]
Rense repeatedly reiterates his pet theory that Jews control the United States:
'Yisraelim (JEWS) Prepare for the Invasion of America'
The Yisraelis could not fan out to the east without risking a catastrophic response from Russia, so they took the only course available. On 6 June 1982 they moved north into the Lebanon, determined to blood their young inexperienced soldiers and magically transform them into Yisraelim terrorists in less than six months. With each battalion under the watchful eye of two experienced Mistaravim [Yisraeli Civilian Special Forces], the young soldiers were instructed in the special art of Jewish warfare, where all Goyim [non-Jews] deserve to die.
Rense also concentrates on the Jewish background of politicians:
'John Kerry is a practicing Catholic - but his Grandfather lived in the Czech Republic and his name was Fritz Kohn, a Jew, who changed his name to Kerry in 1902. '
'Most 'Jewish' US
Presidential Election Ever??
Rense also prints trash like this:
'Who Really Controls Poland?'
I was shocked to get today a copy of the Peter Myers newsletter Peter Myers newsletter which explains that Poland today is NOT Polish or catholic anymore, IT IS JEWISH! It is under complete Zionist/Israeli/Jewish control. ALMOST EVERYBODY in the Polish government today is Jewish! The enclosed email is a wonderful example of The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion?
[Note: It is unbelievable and disgusting that Rense would suggest that Poland, a country in which 3 million Jews were slaughtered by the Nazis, leaving only a small population of some 3000 Jews, is still somehow controlled by Jews.]
(Business Name) supports this racist pig. If you believe that (Business Name) is wrong, please contact them and let them know:
(Business Name)
(The Ad clients email address and business phone number)
And if they continue to support this Jew-hater, perhaps you should make a point of NOT purchasing their products.
Not only are these allegations absurd but they are also defamatory and desperate. What especially aggravates these people is the enormous number of honest Jews who support These Jews of conscience have a keen interest in reading ALL viewpoints and collecting as much information as they can. And, lest our enemies forget, many of our regular Columnists and contributors are Jewish who staunchly defend our rights of Free Speech and freedom of inquiry. Another pin-headed criticism is that we personally WRITE the news stories from around the world we present. Our magnificent Jewish brethren...from all over the world...have now realized how their religion and their country have been usurped by Zionism. Jews against Zionism is one of the most courageous organizations on the net, for example. We suggest you visit their site.
While Zionist prisoners of conscience such as Ernst Zundel rot away in prison for daring to examine history anew, while Zionist groups work double-time to intimidate and harass individuals, net sites and businesses in order to silence, obfuscate and destroy reputations and lives, those who cherish freedom - and who are not afraid to read material they may disagree with - must stand firm against them with the solidarity and conviction of one engaged in a war. We ask that all visitors not only voice their opinion about this threat to our Liberty but that they also show these goons that their tactics will not effect this site or its operation by continuing to patronize our most excellent sponsors, supporters, friends and advertisers who bravely and consistently stand with us for personal freedom of speech and freedom to read whatever we want. If we fail, these people will one day try to fill new concentration camps with political prisoners like us...and another Holocaust would occur.
From Scott Rosenstein
I, for one, am sick and tired of the radical zionists taking our religion and using it as a tool of manipulation and intimidation. My family and my friends believe in our First Amendment as probably the most important single right we possess. It is a GOD-given right. We Jews, like many other groups, have paid terrible prices in the past. But it is way past time to stop using our dead as a political weapon. Everyone should read Dr. Finkelstein's book, 'The Holocaust Industry' as a prime case in point of why we continue to set ourselves up for criticism. The victims of other Holocausts deserve to be honored just as are we. Murder is murder. Human life is all precious. No more zionism! While I don't always agree with the stories you post, I am better off for having the chance to read them than not. Thanks, Jeff, for being so strong. You have our hopes and prayers. Shalom!
From Name Witheld
Someone ought to tell them that they do NOT have a first ammendement right to send the same article to 68,000 newsgroups, as any news system administrator with an awareness of the Briedbart index could tell them!

From Steve H.
I tell everyone about your site. It is informative and just doesn't focus on the negative. I get on it every day to see what is going on in the world. I tried many other sights to include drudge and newsmax, but your site is far better. Now, some of the articles are somewhat flaky, but, I guess you have to offer something for everyone when involved in the media form you have chosen.
I am involved in many things to include philosophy, theosophy, religion, cosmology, earth science and psychology; to name just a few. I know the hard work you must put forth every day, and I am sure you will continue to provide the world with a great service. This is probably one of the greatest centuries that mankind will experience. The only thing that will bring us down is Tribalism. The more educated a society is, the better we all become. Hopefully we will evolve to make this a better world for everybody and everything.
Steven H.
The War Intensifies
By Jerry L. Gardner
Dear Jeff,
As I stated in a recent commentary, it hurts when one stands in, and for truth, however, this is our (your) calling, and probably one of the greatest signs that you are being effective is when the "enemy" attacks with all viciousness, venom and hatred such as the Zionest/fascist are attacking you (Rense.Com) with now. Only an individual who just recently arrived on planet earth, or one totally devoid of any knowledge of either current or past political Israeli activities world wide, especially the demonic handling of the Palestine communities, could deny the real and immediate threat of the Zionist cabal. Here are a "people" supposedly speaking for the entire Jewish community (which I doubt seriously, because most "real" Jews are Godly people) attempting to convince the rest of us of just how "persecuted" they are.
These are the same "nice" Jews who not long ago ran over and murdered a harmless American girl who was attempting to show them and the world what love is all about, murdered with a huge military type bull dozer by a couple of real macho soldiers. These are the "nice" people shooting ten and eleven year old children down in the streets with their massive military weapons. These are the "nice" people who are taking the land and homes of helpless families simply because of their race and razing their modest homes forcing them to live in the elements without food or shelter.
Oh yes, I fully know the story of Jacob and Esau, Jacob have I loved and Esau have I hated, and who God gave the land of Israel to, but, here again the Zionist (and most churches controlled by Israel) have twisted God's word and spiritual intent to serve their evil, greedy purpose of world control. These are the "nice" lovable people who continue to use the holocaust and the horrible events of WW2 as a weapon and excuse to further their cause of greed and power by continually playing on the sympathy of the world, as bad as it was....give me a break...get over it!
These Zionists are using the holocaust as a leverage, a "woe is me" and turning the sympathy of the world into contempt, just as American leaders have done with 911. Just about every nationality on earth, including Caucasians, as well as blacks, have suffered persecution and the horrors of man's inhumanity to man, it's happening in Iraq right today as well as Africa and other nations throughout the world, where is the outcry here? Where is the Jewish concern for Africa, or America's concern for that matter? Are the Iraqis more human than Africans? Is Israel more important than South America? Or, is there little or no oil in Africa to exploit? Where IS justice?
The holocaust can't touch the Roman Inquisition for pain, slaughter, hatred, maiming, persecution and the total number of deaths of decent and good men, women, children, and babies ripped from their mother's wombs, which was in the tens of millions, simply because they refused to serve the Roman God, the Pope, yet we don't hear the Christians of today moaning and crying continually, as inhumane as it was life goes on, God will be the final judge. Note: Sadly, this will happen again.
I don't think we need to spend a lot of time trying to convince the world of the power the Zionist/fascist Jews weld in every segment of life, education, banking, religion, medicine, wars, and so on, it would be redundant. I believe we need to concentrate on the truth and disseminating the truth to an obviously deceived America, and world. There is an old saying which goes, Satan rarely bothers those he already controls, their lives will be a testimony of his reality and control, they will self destruct. Satan goes after those he cannot control, those who resist him, those who stand to cause him the most resistance, those who do good, mainly the children of God. This is a war between God and Satan and we, as God's creation, are Satan's quest, his prize. Satan can't hurt God, so the coward (Satan) attacks by and through hurting and causing pain to God's people, God's children. If you really want to hurt a man then don't attack the man, kill or harm his children, or his wife. I could probably withstand a mental or physical beating or persecution, however, should someone put their filthy paws on one of my children, or my wife, I would most likely crumble and fall if I couldn't defend them (without God's divine help). Satan uses the same devices, he (and his followers) are the ultimate cowards and scumbags, they attack the weak and the helpless.
When we see Satan, or any enemy (same thing) go on a strong offensive, when we see him expose his fangs and begin to slander, malign, and make noise, then we can know for certain that we have hit the soft under belly of his game plan, his empire. We have scored a victory. Innocence and truth, require little, if any defense. You Jeff are innocent of any malignant activity, that is, unless truth has become a malignancy today. You simply provide a source of (for) truth, you don't "create" truth.
Jeff, you must realize where these attacks are originating at the present time. Mel Gibson has just created a movie soon to be released (February 25) with serious spiritual implications for the betterment of mankind, a godsend to the world in a dark hour, a movie with the potential for exposing Satan to whole world for what he is, and for what he has done. Also, a movie which will show the entire world what "real" LOVE is; What do we suppose Satan is going to do, sit idle and accept this fact? I don't think so. The world still cries; "Give us Barabbas." The chief Priest and the Elders (watered down religious systems) are still persuading the masses to ask for Barabbas, evil for good, (discerning minds will understand).
As I stated in an earlier commentary, the swords have been drawn, the battle (spiritual) is raging, we are being clearly told by our Lord to "choose sides," the time is here, not coming, for all to decide where they stand, either for righteousness, or for the world (antichrist, the "Beast" system). My lord, look at the half time ????Show???? during the Super Bowl if we want an illustration of just how low and perverted we have sunk morally. Virtual sex on stage in front of millions of our families and children and we don't even blink an eye! Accident??? Yeah, right!
Jeff, these attacks should not discourage you, on the contrary, they should strengthen and embolden and empower you, for you have obviously landed a direct hit on the enemy by supplying a forum for the truth. Now is the time to advance, not retreat, while the enemy is staggering under his own hatred, contempt, and confusion. If we allow these Zionist devils to stop free speech, to shut down any news site or source, then we are no better than "book burning" Nazi Germany and we deserve our fate.
I believe you have an army of praying people in constant prayer for you Jeff. I don't mean the deceived masses in these mega churches in America who have been erroneously persuaded that we are to support Israel, "right or wrong," it's "the will of God," I mean "real" children of the most high God, those who know where the home of the antichrist will be and where he will rule from. Israel may be a state, but it is far from holy and far from God. But, God will remedy that soon, just as he had to do so many times in the past, God made that promise to Abraham.
Matthew 24:15 When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)
Some will understand the following, most will not. The world has embarked on a scenario so brutal and so dangerous that it boggles the mind, and only God can stop it now. If we think the Holocaust and the Inquisition (mentioned above) were terrible, then we are in for a rude awakening. Events are formulating which will see God's church undergo the most brutal persecutions ever devised by demonic man. Jeff, you are seeing only a small sampling of the hatred and venom which will eventually overwhelm all true Christian's, the stage is being set now. We have already been declared "enemies of the state." The days of fence riding are over! This won't be just the Zionist and their non Christian ilk, it will be a combination of the Zionist infiltrated "Whore Church" religious system now prevalent throughout the world and the God hating antichrist system called the "Beast." Only the spiritually blind fail to see this developing at a rapid rate today, almost logarithmically. God doesn't mince words, every word in God's bible is a powerhouse, a bombshell of importance!
Matthew 24:21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.
This is no idle or small statement!
So Jeff, this "war" is much, much larger than one might believe at first glance, this "war" is a war for the survival of souls, the culmination of all things. You can be a mighty force for good in God's army by taking the arrows and darts of hell and standing in the gap, you will not lose your reward. Believe's going to go from this to worse, according to God's word!
To detail the events transpiring today would take volumes, a book,,,,by the way, the "book" is available to all who wish knowledge, it's called God's word, the bible.
So, put on the whole armor Jeff, arm yourself with God's word, shod your feet with the gospel, and stand in the power of the Holy Ghost, the truth will stand when the world is on fire. Satan may win a few horrible battles soon, and we may be called upon to suffer for the Lord's cause, but we KNOW who will win the war! It isn't so much about how we go in, its how we come out on the other side. Do we stand, or do we surrender? I really like the writer's advice to "make a stand, make a stand, make a stand!" My only concern is, that our stand be made in a spirit of love and truth, not the hatred I sense being spewed out by your attackers. God will turn their venom into a victory for his cause. This will only make it possible for many more millions to read your site and to see Mel's movie... thanks Satan, for the free advertising. Satan really is stupid, isn't he?
Matthew 5:11 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. 12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you. 13 "Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men. 14 Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.
God bless you, Jeff, and all who stand with you,
Jerry L. Gardner
From Scott T Davis
Bravo! Jeff. Stand Strong, my friend. As you well know, by my numerous emails to you, I visit your web site often and listen to your broadcasts when my limited time permits.
Anti-Zionist, yes I am, Anti-Cristian Extremist, yes I am. As many free thinking Americans, I have a problem with any zealot political-religious group that is willing to endanger the US constitution and our Bill of Rights to further their own narrow-minded view of how the world should be! May our Extraterrestrial creators bless you. Quoting one of my favorite articles your brother recently wrote... "There all fricked up!"
From Sheryl Jackson
Jewish Hypocrisy and Korp speak.
It is easy to recognize the truth when one hears it. The pages of are the opinions of some, articles by others, essays and sometimes rants. None of them appear to me to be Anti-Semitic. Like children, they do not believe the world at large have any grey cells to think with. We are supposed to believe that this is God's Plan? To kill the Palestinians? My God has no need of the slaughter of any of His people. My God IS a weapon of Mass Destruction. He surely does not need man to do His dirty work. If God wanted the Palestinians dead it would happen in a heartbeat.
The Jews of Israel have made their own beds, they now have to lie in them. Anyone who has watched the news can see for themselves that the Jews wish to commit genocide against the Palestinians. The films of the Jews killing the Palestinians could be spliced into the films of the German SS killing the Jews. Violence is violence and no matter who is perpetuating it, it is WRONG,WRONG,WRONG.
Genocide is genocide and by any other name it is still MURDER, MAYHEM AND MADNESS.
If the Jews want to have people stop hating them for their violence then they must stop being violent. Their actions create the world's opinions of them.
None of us is what we say we are, but every single human on the planet is what they do. The Jews are presently living as Homicidal Maniacs, they have built a wall like the Berlin Wall to keep out the MISCREANTS AND CRIMINALS, but they still manage to get into the Israeli state with suicidal bombings. The Palestinians are people who don't want to be murdered. Fighting back is a rational response to irrational, illogical, unreasonable homicidal behavior. Who is going to stand still and be murdered if they have an opportunity to MOVE, ADAPT OR DIE??????????
What we see is what the Jewish state does. No question about it. We have witnessed their murderous armies, we have even lost our own children to the tanks of the Israelis who kill the Peaceniks. What is not to hate about these atrocities and abominations? Everytime they kill a Palestinian they are saying, we are evil, vile, contemptible people who only believe in ourselves to rule, to live and to make judgements against humanity.
I think that when Jesus returns, he is going to be really ticced off at "God's Chosen People". Talk about a Passion for Insurrection. This is not God's plan this is the ego of one more blonde, blue-eyed Fat, Beastly White Man in charge AND LIKE HITLER HE HAS TALKED THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL INTO CARRYING OUT HIS HOMICIDAL AGENDA.
Sheryl Jackson
From Kevin Becker
I simply want to express my gratitude to you for doing what you do. I have learned a great visiting your site and listening to the shows.
Thank you Mr. Rense!
Kevin Becker
From Kirk
Hi Jeff,
I read your article about the anti-Semite junk that people are trying to label you with.
I am half Jewish and find those anti American organizations silly and dangerous to the American way of life.
I Love your site and support it completely and have been reading it for years now.
In fact, I have donated money to your feed the kitty fund.
I do not feel degrades anyone, including the Jews. It is simply an information stockpile for us users to be able to use as reference, and contains news for those of us who like more than what the everyday sheeple are permitted to have by otherwise "mainstream" dumbed down media.
Thank you, Jeff, for a great wide spectrum of News articles. I really appreciate it. And I especially love when you have Dr. Day on. Her program has helped me recover from a disease that the Rheumatologist said was impossible to recover from. I will make another donation to your feed the kitty area once I find it on your site.
Warmest Regards,
From Daren Handley
Dear Angry Zionists
If you had emailed sound and mannerly rebuttals to the articles you used as examples, they would have been published as 'Comments'. Instead of putting time and effort into a heavy-handed smear campaign, why don't you submit decent articles with strong arguments refuting what you feel to be "trash"? The methods you now employ harm the image you think you are defending.
From Alton Raines
If we were really dealing with issues of Jewish sensitivity, there might be room for debate. But very clearly these people who perpetually wage their little mindless jihad's against, and others (no doubt!) are merely teaching everyone what Fascism is all about. They are an unwitting participant, if not instructor, in the awakening of millions to the fraud, abuse, obfuscation and illusion the Zionist mind has perpetrated and perpetuated for generations. Thinking themselves wise, they have become fools.
The more they rant and throw their hissy fits, the more people take a second look. And as they close their eyes for sleep, and the days thoughts are running through their head one last time, that little nagging suspicion, that curious human-nature element clicks on and says "Wait just damned minute..." and one by one, here and there, tens of thousands of people gently wake up from the Zionist dream and no longer wander around like unblinking zombies to dancing to the pipes of pan and the dictates and manipulations of Zionist mind control. And they will know and see the difference between the Jewish reality, of human dignity and respect for all people and creeds, and Zionist evil, which denies all this but demands it solely and exclusively for itself, with great heaping cries of Shoah! and all the pomp and circumstance that can be bankrolled to maintain the follies. They do it in the media, they do it in the arts, they do it in corporate board rooms and even in the stinking White House. Sure, they'll continue to call everyone a Nazi who breaks free of the trance. They'll go right on milking WWII for all its worth. But time passes and the impact and solidity of things fade just enough for new generations to perceive from an entirely objective underpinnng. And oh, won't they be crying in the big bucket then! The party will be over. No more special treatment. No more teflon morality. No more Zionist faux-suffering. It will soon be percieved as a grotesque negligence, a fetid spiritual and intellectual laziness to toss Nazism around, or use the term anti-semite so loosely. I predict the more they raise a stink, the better things will become.
For they are destined to destroy themselves, like a snake eating its own tail, having exchanged the truth for a lie, and suffering the due penalty of their malicious error. By their own hands, they will corrupt and collapse like a pile of old, dried bones and be swept underfoot, forgotten and godforsaken. That is the destiny of all liars and all deceivers and all who make false enemies and who manipulate and play power games. Dust. Ashes. No, not by some maniacal, mad German dictator shoveling them into ovens, but burnt by the glorious sun of light, logic and love. My Bible says, in that day, seven people will take hold of a Jew and say, "Let us go with you, teach us your ways and the way of your God, the Lord. Let us go up to the house of the Lord." When Zionism is at last dead, and the idiocy of men is laid aside, the King of Kings will rule and reign with a rod of iron, over all nations, and righteousness shall be the cornerstone of His everlasting government.
From Roger
These people STEAM me to no end and I commend you from the deepest sections of my heart for having the guts to expose them for who and what they are.
I, and my deceased wife, have had you as our home page for the last 3 1/2 years after I started finding these zionist articles on your site. Personally, I can't "get my arms around" any of the UFO stuff, not that there's not truth there, it's just not something I want to spend my mental energy on when there's so much other pressing subject matter that needs to be dealt with. This Zionist problem has been one of my primary hot-buttons and areas of study for the last 10 to 12 years and your site adds a great deal of continuing study and information on what I consider to be the most pressing problem of our, and recent, times.
I thank you and applaud you for not only not bending but stifening, and becoming more resolute in bringing the truth to those who wish to make the effort to understand it. I think the ole saying from WWII was, "if you're not catching flack you're NOT over the target!"
They make me sick but their response shows how worried they are!
From Carl Valentine
Dear Jeff,
Keep up the fight. You bring us truth. ADL has the most hatefull site on the net. Keep going pal.
From Carey Bauman
Jeff, the ADL did the same to the group Liberty Lobby. They threatened their advertisers also. You're in good company.
From Matt
I want to voice my opinion to whoever sent this threatening email to you. You know I'm an avid reader of your site, and your Un-Biased reporting is what draws me to it. Sure, there are lots of stories about Jews and Zionism, but you don't write them...and there is a reason these stories are appearing. Israel for one...
The people that sent you this email sent it because they fear the truth. There's no OTHER reason why they'd send it.
From George Spacek
Dear Jeff,
Stay the course, the Zionists are desperate and dying, this is their last gasp. They are of the anti-Christ and will fall far, very far. We won't back down, we are winning free of Zionist tyranny. All the best of Light, Love, Divine protection and Peace of mind.
L. Spacek
The situation you found yourself now is not surprising but my advice to you is this: Like what Charles Bronson once said in the movie "Battle of the Bulge"
Make a stand! Make a stand! Make a stand! Make a stand! when they were under panzer attack by the Nazis. Now it is your turn to do it, this time for real. Make a stand! Make a stand! Make a stand! Make a stand!
These Zionists are now desperately making a series of counter attacks in the same way their Nazi counterparts did during the last months of World War II. They're resorting to last ditch tactics and strategies similar to the Battle of the Bulge.
Russia, China, India, Germany, and France are now forming a Eurasian alliance against these neo-Nazi/Zionists/fascists who are now in increasing control of the United States. But what they are afraid of is the fact that more and more decent Jews and non-Zionist Jews and Christian Americans are becoming more and more and more aware and taking action against the destruction of their country, America, that has nurtured them and is now in danger of being subverted by these Zionists.
This is why they are attacking's advertisers and supporters, it is a "Battle of the Bulge" styled scorched earth tactic that they are using in order to deprive of the means to fight back against the evils of Zionism.
One advice for is this. Ally the non-Zionist Jews of the organization with your supporters and advertisers, advice them to collaborate with each other to forming a strategy to help protect and sustain each other while sustaining which is now responsible of bringing the news to the American public and to the world.
Use the internet to send e-mail messages to your supporters of what is going now. The internet can do that but it has one fatal flaw inherent in it.
The one flaw about the internet that we are using, which nobody has ever bothered to either notice and report or both, is that they can only know people like you if they access your website, and they only access your website if they are doing research, surfing the internet, or just came across it which is why the internet can never replace books, newspapers, news media, radios, leaflets, phamplets, bill boards, etc... And it is this "just came across it" situation which is the common denominator, the main factor on how people will come to know you.
Books and libraries are better than the internet, even thought not convenient, is because of the fact that it is their, books and other printed media's continuous presence, that they are permanently and continuously and simultaneously showing and displaying their contents whether you need, want, or desire it or not. Do you remember when you are passing through a shelve in order to go to a particular shelve, you happen to notice a book or books that catches your eye and interest even though it is not related to your present work at the moment and became the match the lead to a new interests, career(s), hobby(ies), etc.
Didn't you notice that you were able to get the bigger picture and access information during your research work when all of the books and printed media of all forms were all displayed, opened, and book marked with paper cards or strips of paper with markings on a wide table and pinned on a cork board, constantly showing and displaying the knowledge and illustrations and explanations to your mind and helping you see the big picture, creating a situation that allows real collating of data in the way as you want it? Computers can only collate data within the confines of their program specifications and hard wired functions which is limited, whereas individual human collation of data is limitless in terms of variations in the ways you wanted it to be collated and interpreted.
If I can recall it well, one American author has notice one thing about the internet, we have a lot of information but less knowledge, which is similar to an ancient saying which is: knowledge can either be explained in a single sheet or in a thousand sheets of paper but one must be aware of the inter-relationship and quality of it's contents. The internet is just simply a directory and catalog system of information with links to other information, that's all, because real information and knowledge of an in-depth nature can only be found in books and in other forms of printed media.
If these Zionists (actually neo-Nazis/Zionists/fascists) organizations has a right to advertise their views in the mass media (tv, radios, leaflets, pamphlets, magazines, bill boards, news papers, books, text books, work books, etc...)then so do you Mr. Jeff Rense.
This is the reason why politicians will never become fully dependent alone on the internet. This is the reason why they will forever be dependent also on the printed media as I have described above. That's the strategy and tactic I am advising for your organization.
The war between us Non-Zionist Jews and Zionist Jews is just starting to heat up. And these Zionists have responded with a desperate "Battle of the Bulge" counter attack against everyone who wants to expose the truth about Zionism.
So, my advice again is this. Make a stand! Make a stand! Make a stand! Make a stand!
A Jew Who Supports You
From Clarence Heisler
I am a Jew and I just want to say that I support your site. I am a regular visitor and I do not believe that you are anti-Semitic.
Some of the most racist people I have come in contact with are Jews. I say this from experience. You see, I am half-black and one would not suspect that I am Jewish from first sight. I have too many experiences in my life of Jews treating me different once they realize that I am Jewish. I can watch as the light flickers and then they realize I am with the 'in crowd'.
At the same time, I have heard people throughout my life say really nasty things about Jews in my presence, again not knowing I am Jewish. I watch their eyes flicker as I tell them I am Jewish and then they realize that I am not in their crowd.
People should not treat each other different just because of perceived differences or sameness.



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