Thinking The Unthinkable -
Dismantle The State Of Israel
By Capt. Jakaboski, USN
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Intro- The article below is being presented because of its highly unusual character. The author is a graduate of Yale University. He's a former captain in the US Navy and a retired judge. The piece by Capt. Jakaboski requires distribution. According to the Christian Science Monitor, Israel has gotten over a trillion dollars from America. This money could have been used for veterans, the elderly and poor.
One of the things that makes the article so unique is the fact that Mr. Jakaboski is a Bush lover. Of course, we all know that, according to Bush, Israel is a great democratic state. Bush has publicly stated that Sharon is a man of peace. Bush's close advisors are individuals who had worked for an Israeli think tank and insinuated that Iraq was the biggest danger to Israel. Later alternate media all over the world suggested that 9/11 had numerous Mossad implications. We wont go there. To improve discussion, we will present the following from the pen of Texas writer. His articles have appeared in numerous media.
Lastly, anyone avowing that Jakaboski is a racist, should know that he was a columnist for a Nigerian publication and has married a non-Caucasian.
Israel - A World Problem
By Capt. Jakaboski, USN Ret.
Many ideas are bruited about on how to achieve a better relationship with Arab and Muslim countries, to improve the image of America in the hearts and minds of their populations, and also to staunch the seemingly endless number of recruits for Jihad, Al Quaeda, and similar terrorist organizations.
The problem is: none of the suggested remedies touches on the central cause of Arab and/or Muslim dislike, distrust, and ill feeling toward us; the Israeli-Palestine conflict. Or, in other terms, US support for the creation, and for the continued existence of the state of Israel.
For anyone to dare to suggest that Israel is the cause of the climate of hatred in Muslim countries, the attitude that generates, encourages, and supports the groups who are adversaries in the War on terrorism; is going to the greatest thing that stifles questioning the correctness of allowing 3 million Israelis to hold 300 million Americans hostage; namely, the worst barrier to free speech and objective inquiry - the epithet of being Anti-Semitic.
This writer is definitely not anti-Semitic, but even so, one can legitimately question whether the American people are going to endure the current War on Terrorism for a generation because of support for Israel.
Indeed, it might take more than one generation, if ever, to escape the enormous casualties that are bound to be on the way, while we wait fruitlessly for a healing of the Arab/Islamic rift with Israelis.
Taking a realistic, objective and practical view of the situation, one would have to conclude that the rift has been growing, inexorably, ever since 1948 when the US was the first nation to recognize the new State of Israel. It doesn't matter if our willingness to do so was in the way of atonement, or compensation, for the terrible losses World Jewry suffered at the hands of the Nazis; or if it resulted from President Truman's pandering to rich Jewish contributors (to his campaign fund).
Although the Arab and Islamic bloc might overlook that one symbolic expression of solidarity with Israel, it obviously is not possible for them to overlook or pardon the continuing US support for Israel politically militarily, and economically- to the official tune of over 3 billion a year from the tax payers and another huge amount from private donors.
How many more terrorist attacks can our poorly defended country suffer; how many thousands, if not millions of casualties can we absorb: before public opinion will balk at further support for Israel?
These are terrible things to say. Nevertheless, there is little logic in risking the lives, property, and civil liberties of this free nation, which holds no brief against Islam, or against Arab nations.
The only solution will be to ask the Israeli citizens (not the many thousands of non-Israelis in the country) to leave. Not without compensation. The wealthy Arab states should be more than willing to compensate, in cash, all Jewish owners of property.
What will happen to the Jewish people in Israel? Personally, I would recommend suspending, for one year, the 3 million-man legal immigration to the US. Every country will be glad to receive some of the highly intelligent, highly talented, and entrepreneurial Israelis. Many countries will be clamoring for their share -an example of nations deciding who they want as immigrants, unlike in the US, where we get too few of the higher social status people from abroad -very democratic, but needless to say of questionable utility for our national interests.
Abandoning Israel will be another trauma for the long-suffering Jewish people -who have been harmed over the past two millennia, at the hands of all supposedly spiritual and civilized peoples. Yet, everyone is challenged to come up with a better solution. Because only this will defuse the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, normalize relations with the Arab and Muslim countries, and put a stop to the desperate and fanatical terrorists, who find no other way to achieve what they feel is "justice" for their people, but who might agree to cease their war on the West if an historical and inevitable solution as spelled out above is implemented.
The taboo on discussing the root causes for Arab and Muslim antipathy toward us -includes our idiotic and impolite wish to inculcate "Western" ideas into their societies, blithely ignoring how important thinking and traditional acts are to them. They have little use for such "Western" ideas as rights of women, pornography and homosexuality. They cringe when Hilary Clinton addresses a conference in Egypt and calls for an end to female genital mutilation. We westerners abhor such practices, but we need a limit as to how far we should go in criticizing other nations' customs, customs deeply imbedded in their national psyche.
The recommended solution does not arise out of anti-Semitism.
Realistically, the establishment of the state of Israel needs to be seen for what it was: a horrible and poorly -thought-out geopolitical mistake that has now sentenced all civilized nations to potentially increasing terrorism. Nothing else holds the promise of getting ourselves out of this highly dangerous world dilemma.
Rather than call this solution anti-Semitic, ask yourself if the present circumstance, with hideous car bombings hurting hundreds of Israeli conscripts and ordinary civilians is acceptable for the Jewish community. Rather, this solution highlights the important place the Jewish people hold in Western Civilization, and our concern for their welfare now and in the foreseeable future. They have got to get out of their present unnatural predicament, or risk serious harm in the coming generations, both in Israel and in America, where their greatest support lies.
America will be enriched immensely if it can attract all or a large proportion of the Israeli-Jews facing the unpalatable, but necessary, abandonment of the relatively new, historically speaking, State of Israel.
Be reasonable, this has to be done: and it can be done in a way designed to satisfy all the motives that led to the establishment of the State of Israel, and to assure that the overall welfare of the Jewish citizens of Israel will be enhanced rather than diminished.
Capt. Jakaboski, USN, Wed Jan 21 20:15;article=48885;show_paren t=1


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