And All The Flyer Said
Was 'Love Your Race'

By Pam Hendon

All the flyer said was 'Love Your Race.' Except for the picture of a White woman and an address, that was the entire message. Nothing but 'Love Your Race.' But KCRA Channel 3 television in Sacramento, California objected strongly. Why? For no other reason than hatred of Whites -- and you may be assured, ladies and gentlemen, that the people who own the major media in this country do indeed hate White people. The words in blue are those of KCRA's unnamed writer or those they cite.
...Fliers Fuel Fear, Hatred... All it said was 'Love Your Race.'
...I was angry and outraged and tossed it... All it said was 'Love Your Race.'
...they were even more angry when they learned that dozens of the Arden Park neighbors received the same flier... All it said was 'Love Your Race.'
...It's absolutely despicable... All it said was 'Love Your Race.'
...I'm outraged... All it said was 'Love Your Race.'
...he saved one of the fliers and is taking it to the sheriff's department... All it said was 'Love Your Race.'
I think the sheriff should investigate who's behind it ... who put the bulletins on the ground... All it said was 'Love Your Race.'
...fuels fear and it fuels hatred... All it said was 'Love Your Race.'
...that type of literature was at the heart of a plan by two white students to shoot black students... All it said was 'Love Your Race.'
...the Jewish community recalled the way Sacramento stood up to hatred after the firebombing of three synagogues... All it said was 'Love Your Race.'
"'s not acceptable," said Len Feldman of the Jewish Community Relations Council... All it said was 'Love Your Race.'
...Authorities said racist fliers often come close to the legal border line... All it said was 'Love Your Race.'
Love your race. Build new White media. Rebuild White community in your town and neighborhood with local pro-White meetings and outreach. Join the National Alliance.
Read the KCRA anti-White broadcast text here:
From Michael Goodspeed
Dear Jeff,
If I found a flier which displayed a picture of a white person and the words "Love Your Race," I would throw it into the nearest trash receptacle....
And rest assured, I would do the same if the individual pictured were Black, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, Arab, or Native American.
This story is great because it illustrates the outrageous hypocrisy in the mainstream news core in its coverage of race issues. Expressions of "African-American pride" or "Native American pride" are never labeled bigotry, but they should be. By definition, any expression of "racial pride" is an expression of both racism and hatred, because it implies that there is something undesirable about every other race in God's creation. Why else would one feel the need to delineate oneself from the rest of humanity?
If you think that your racial genetics give you some kind of advantage over people other races, think again. In and of itself, "race" plays very little role in determining our personalities, intelligence and/or character. Of far greater import are an infinite number of envrionmental factors - namely, how we are treated by others, and our access to life's essential opportunities.
Albert Einstein said: "Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind." And why is nationalism a disease? Because it is predicated on the notion of personal superiority, and this notion has inspired every act of lunacy and warfare in the history of the world.
Don't take pride in your race. Take pride in your humanity. If everyone were to do this, the world would be a much safer place.
From David Smith
I visited the web site of KCRA News, read the article, then emailed them with my feedback: Here is the thread of the email conversation I had with an
EMAIL SUBJECT: - Website Feedback
MESSAGE: re: Racist Fliers Concern Arden Park Residents
I'm confused. Where's the racism? All I saw was a flyer with a picture of an attractive white woman and text that said "Love your race". Was the small text that I couldn't read advocating the racial hatred mentioned in your article? Please clarify.
This doesn't sound like news so much as gossip being spread by a newspaper. Please reassure me that you're not guilty of "yellow journalism" 'cause it's sure looking that way right now.
Dave Smith
fwolf: The flier publicizes the National Alliance. Feel free to check them out and see what you think.
me: You seem to be trying to change the subject here. What is the racism on the flyer I saw a picture of? The name "National Alliance" on the flyer is synonymous with racism? That's like saying a flyer for the 6 million man march is racist because it's promoted by Louis Farrahkan..
fwolf: You can put a picture of a puppy on the flier if you want, that doesn't change the fact that it's designed to get people to check out the agenda of the National Alliance and the people who got it were offended.
me: so are you backing off on your charge or racism now? I think it's a little late since the article was on the news right?
Yellow Journalism
Ironically, I had no idea someone from "" would be responding. I wonder if it was forwarded to the Hearst Yellow Journalism's crack email response team due to my timely reference ;-)? (for those that don't know, "Yellow Journalism" was first coined in reference to Hearst Publishing's treatment of the Spanish-American War circa 1899.. They generated public support for the "war" by creating a frothing mouthed hatred of Cuba with their articles of pure fiction masquerading as news ).
National Alliance nothing but a CIA front?
I have long suspected that the cliche racist quotations of this group "The National Alliance" are an extremely convenient vehicle to stereotype whites as "capable of the standard, jackbooted behavior of the NAZI storm trooper if allowed to go unchecked" (I have heard Louis Farrahkan giving this virtually identical message to his "flock" on televised speeches).
I might add also that the National Alliance was a CIA creation in Germany after WWII where they hired rabid anti-communists to foment revolution in East Germany.. it then quickly spread to the rest of Europe (and the US apparently). So there you have the CIA connection.. maybe it's not all together severed?
The CIA'S neo-Nazis:
Neo-Nazis and 9/11: (Dr. William Pierce's writings inspired the Oaklahoma bombings, Pierce gave out prophetic warnings about 911 and "stay out of tall buildings". Either "crazy white people" are behind 911 and Oklahoma bombings OR Dr. William Pierce is an agent provacateur working for the CIA!):
I would like to conclude with some online quotes of what Eustace Mullins (author of the most seminal expose of the Federal Reserve Bank ever written "Secrets of the Federal Reserve") thinks of right wing revolutionaries in the USA (since he 100% agreed with me, I stopped searching at this point):






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