Climate Change From A
Meteor Impact
What Do We Know So Far?

By Ted Twietmeyer

This essay is a collection of various technologies and concepts, to get a better idea of what may happen in 2012. In looking at the pentagon report, it was interesting to note how the projected events appear to begin to happen at that time. We won't re-hash the pentagon doom and gloom report here.
Instead, let's look at alternative sources of information. It may be that the climate change predicted by the pentagon will come about- but not for the reasons they state. The truth about it, may be far worse than what they want to admit. There will probably be statements below on subjects you already know about, so please keep reading. It may give you a different perspective on the matter.
EARTH CROSSING ASTEROIDS I once saw an orbital overlay of known earth crossing asteroids, over the solar system. Imagine taking a BB and cramming it into the center of a ball of yarn. Think of each line of yarn as the orbital path of an asteroid. That's exactly what these orbits look like. It seems almost impossible that all of these objects should miss the earth, all the time. Scientists call asteroids of concern to the earth's future, Near Earth Objects (NEO.) They are classified into several categories, such as those objects that will miss the earth, those that will destroy a continent, and those that can cause global destruction. An area damaged by an NEO-turned-meteor is very dependent on whether it strikes land or sea. Sea can actually be much worse than land, because of the Tsunamis it will create that can reach around the world. These would be waves unlike any seen in recorded history. Experts have stated such waves could reach more than a mile high, and extend up to 100 miles inland from the sea.
Here is a link to an interesting webpage. It shows the orbits of only a FEW of the more than 500 NEOs considered to be of sufficient size to threaten earth. If you look at this page, imagine the orbits shown on this webpages multiplied by 100: has also been a good webpage, but they no longer post any of the threatening NEOs that will pass close by earth. In corresponding with the person responsible for content, no reason has been given. They still post some of the newer NEOs monthly.
WHEN DOES AN NEO BECOME A METEOR ? A meteor of course, is nothing more than an asteroid that has entered the earth's atmosphere. It may or may not ever reach the surface of the earth. Whether or not it impacts is dependent on speed, angle of entry into the earth's atmosphere, size, and its physical material makeup (mass.) Most asteroids are largely made of iron. A meteor that moves across the sky and never impacts, has a shallow angle of entry. These usually burn up or occasionally explode. Here are just two examples of many objects that didn't reach the earth's surface::
1. Oct. 9th 1997 over El Paso, Texas:
2. July 8th 1999 over New Zealand:
METHODS TO SEE THE FUTURE EXIST Some people know what remote viewing (RV) is. It is the ability to train one's mind to see anywhere in space and time. It works from the nano-microscopic scale to galactic scale. The RV process is non-physical, so it is not limited by the three dimensions of space or the fourth dimension, time. RV is not mumbo-jumbo, meditating, humming, astral projection or staring into crystals. All one needs is a pen and paper.
Almost anyone can learn RV. I trained myself in it enough to prove it does work. Its often called focused attention, tuning into the Akashic Records or collective consciousness. All that matters is it works. You can give the same target reference to several remote viewers, and the information they obtain using it will be essentially the same. The military began using RV in the early 70's for intelligence work.
PHYSICAL TIME TRAVEL Although long believed to be the "stuff" of science fiction, the US govt. has had this ability for almost 50 years. It is among its most protected technologies. Apparently others have done it, too. If you look at the rock group Coup's original CD cover, you see the WTC at the moment of impact taken from the ground. This CD cover was on the web in the summer of 2001. The group's leader received a phone call and was told to change the cover immediately after 9-11. at one time, the picture was posted on the MTV website but has since been removed. The story about this is still on the MTV website recently. (And don't forget what "coup" means - a military takeover of a government.)
One must ask, why did they use this picture ? What are the odds this was a coincidence ?
Over the years, I've met others who have had contact with those that time travel. These people come here from the future for numerous reasons, such as anthropology, tourism, historical research, etc...
My reason for bringing up time travel, is that I know the pentagon has actually done this in at least one black project, and knows that what the remote viewers have seen can happen. But they can never admit what they saw, or how they obtained the information. If a part of the pentagon report dealt with an asteroid or comet impact, it probably will never see the light of day.
About 12 years ago, I met a kind lady from Panama. She told me earth was soon to be traveling through a part of the Milky Way that is "strewn with large rocks" I believe was the words she used. She went on to say how this happens every so many thousand years. At the time, I had no opinion way on her comments one way or the other. But in just the last few years, scientists are proving what she stated is true. This happens because of the rotational period of the Milky Way, which is on the order of 26,000 years. Aren't we the lucky people to be alive now !
There are now 570+ logged NEO objects which have missed earth in recent years. Often we don't hear about them until after these have passed by. What I've often pondered, is just how we've haven't been plastered by a huge one in more than a millennia. Consider the following reasons that make an impact very likely:
A. Probability based on the number of objects
B. The earth's gravitational field which reaches out into surrounding space for many thousands of miles, acting much like a magnet which attracts iron filings.
C. Thousands of years have elapsed since the last big impact.
Many remote viewers tell us two interesting things:
1. No one can RV the years 2012-2013. All they get is a blank like a wall. Tremendous human emotions and stress can block remote viewing. (Like massive death and related suffering.)
2. When they look past those years, what do they see? Nothing. Only desolation and destruction.
MONEY ALWAYS DRIVES THE BUS In the end it is always money that determines everything people will or will not do, not governments or ideologies. Case in point- when the USSR collapsed, thousands of nukes and tons of bioweapons were abandoned with often nothing more than a padlock. The guards all left their posts, because they too, were unpaid. Facilities all around Russia we completely unmanned. This is exactly how hundreds of suitcase nukes were lost. Some were sold by employees of those facilities to make millions of dollars. It was more important for those former employees to able to EAT each day, than to stand guard at a closed facility and starve. Nothing exists to stop this from happening in America.
CONCLUSION It won't be a slow climate change that causes such a fast global climate shift- it will more likely be either a comet or meteor, or perhaps a nuke exchange. Imagine the consequences if America and world economies collapse according to the pentagon report. What airforce serviceman will want to be inside a missile silo (unpaid,) to sit there and wait to be told to turn the key to launch a missile (unpaid) and also sit there and be an unpaid missile target as well ? They will just pack up and go home to be with their families. Now there's a novel idea- for them to be with their families instead !
On a biblical note, it may be that Revelations is coming true. This last book of the Bible describes a meteor or comet impact, using the language of John's time.
It seems reasonable to consider that there is an intelligence looking out for us. Logically, it is either God or another benevolent race "out there," which has diverted them from the earth's path. But for reasons not yet known, we may lose this protection in 2012. Perhaps they let the more harmless objects through, to give the illusion that all of them are getting through ?
It still may be possible to change the future. Perhaps before the 11th hour we'll know how. It may use what I call PTJs- Planetary Time Jumps to accomplish it. If the earth is in the right place at the right time, maybe none of this will ever happen. But then there is the question- is it actually a PTJ that defeats the planet's defenses and permits a meteor to get through ? What a classic paradox this creates ! You can read more about this on my website at



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