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From D.S. Meadows

Hi Jeff Rense,
I thought this might interest you. I got it in the mail today. I am currently on disability.
I erased all the names, addresses and telephone numbers. Feel free to publish this on your website.
And, NO, I would never be a test subject, I was just wondering how many other disabled people they sent this to?
Name Omitted
Name Ommited-~--- -
1 am writing you today to introduce a clinical research study that may be of interest to you. Smallpox is a serious, sometimes fatal, illness caused by a virus. Fortunately, after a worldwide vaccination program, the disease was considered eradicated in the late 1970s. Shortly after, the vaccine program was discontinued because it was no longer necessary for prevention of the disease.
However, in 2003, Project Bioshield was introduced as a national initiative of emergency preparedness that includes research on new vaccines. As part of this initiative, 1 am conducting clinical research studies for an investigational smallpox vaccine.
What does the study involve?
If you are enrolled in the study, you will be required to make 6 office visits over a 6-month period. Visit 1 will include, among other study-related procedures, a study-related medical history and complete physical exam, At Visit 2, you will receive the investigational vaccine. You will be required to keep the vaccination site coverE for about 21 days and keep a diary for 30 days after vaccination to record oral temperatures and other symptoms. At Visits 3, 4, 5 and 6 you will return to the clinic for evaluations, safety assessments and dressin changes.
How can I participate in the study?
If you are at least 18 years old and are:
* In good general health, with no history of heart attack, stroke or skin condition such as eczema or shingles;
* NOT in a household with someone who is pregnant or breastfeeding, with children younger than one or someone who has HIV.
We are currently screening adults who have previously received the smallpox vaccine, as well as those who have not. If you are interested In finding out if you may be eligible to participate in this research study, please call: (734) 542-5512
Qualified participants will receive a study-related medical evaluation and a smallpox vaccine (either the curre approved vaccine or the investigational vaccine) and will be compensated for time and travel. We hope that this information has been helpful to you and we look forward to hearing from you. For more information on ti important study, please call (734) 542-5512 or visit
Name Omitted
For the full smallpox test program, go to:



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