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Date: 1 May 2004
From: ProMED-mail
Source: China MOH SARS update 1 May 2004 [edited]
SARS situation update 1 May 2004 (Medical Department Public Office)
Between 10 AM 30 Apr 2004 and 10 AM 1 May, Beijng has confirmed the
diagnosis of SARS coronavirus [Co-V] infection in a previously reported
suspected case.
This case is the postdoctoral student working in the China CDC virology
laboratory. On 22 Apr 2004 he was admitted to the Ditan hospital and on 23
Apr 2004 he was diagnosed as a suspected case of SARS. On 30 Apr 2004, the
Beijing Disease Control Center reported positive IgG and IgM serology on
specimens from this patient and accordingly has reclassified this case as
confirmed based on clinical, epidemiologic, and laboratory examinations.
Close contacts of this case have not demonstrated any signs of illness.
With regard to the remaining 3 confirmed cases in Beijing: the nurse who
cared for the index patient from Anhui is stable with 15 consecutive days
without fever; her aunt is still in serious condition but appears to be
improving, and the 3rd patient is now afebrile. The 3 suspected cases are
still in isolation. 65 close contacts have been released from observation.
The condition of the confirmed index case in Anhui continues to improve
with 8 consecutive days without fever. 40 close contacts have been released
from observation.
In summary, since 22 Apr 2004, Anhui Province has reported 2 confirmed
cases of SARS, Beijing has reported 4 confirmed cases of SARS and 3
suspected cases of SARS, while other provinces have not reported suspected
or confirmed cases of SARS.
Date: 1 May 2004
Source: WHO CSR website 30 Apr 2004 [edited]
China confirms SARS infection in another previously reported case; summary
to date - Update 5, 30 Apr 2004
Chinese authorities have today reported test results confirming that the 53
year old woman who died in Anhui Province on 19 April was infected with the
SARS coronavirus. The woman, a medical doctor, was the mother of a 26 year
old postgraduate student who had been conducting research at the National
Institute of Virology in Beijing. The student remains in hospital in Anhui.
Since the 1st case was reported on 22 Apr 2004, Chinese authorities have
confirmed a diagnosis of SARS in 5 people (see summary below). Testing
continues on another 4 patients who have SARS-like symptoms and a history
of close contact with a known case.
Since 22 Apr 2004, the 7 patients in Beijing have been treated in isolation
in a single facility, Ditan Hospital, as a risk reduction strategy.
Investigation of the source of the outbreak is presently focused on lapses
in biosafety procedures at the National Institute of Virology. The
institute was closed on 23 Apr 2004 and its staff were placed in isolation.
Summary of cases
To date, there have been 3 generations resulting in 9 cases.
1st generation. The 1st case is a 26 year old woman postgraduate student
from Anhui Province. She worked at the National Institute of Virology in
Beijing 7-22 Mar 2004. Laboratories at the institute are known to be
conducting studies using the live SARS coronavirus. Her symptoms developed
on 25 Mar in Anhui. Following onset of symptoms, she travelled twice by
train from Anhui to Beijing and back to Anhui. Her SARS infection has been
confirmed by the Chinese Ministry of Health. She is presently isolated in
hospitalized in Anhui.
A 2nd case who may have acquired infection from a laboratory source is a 31
year old male researcher at the same virology institute. His symptoms
developed on 17 Apr 2004. He is presently being treated in isolation at
Beijing,s Ditan Hospital. To date, he has not been linked to any other cases.
2nd generation. The 2 cases in the second generation are both linked to
close personal contact with the postgraduate student. These cases are her
53 year old mother, whose infection with the SARS coronavirus was confirmed
by Chinese authorities today. She is, to date, the only fatal case in the
outbreak. The 2nd case is a 20 year old nurse in Beijing who treated the
postgraduate student, from 29 Mar 2004 to 2 Apr 2004, during her initial
hospitalization in Beijing. The nurse,s SARS infection has been confirmed
by the Chinese Ministry of Health. She is being treated in isolation at
Beijing,s Ditan Hospital.
3rd generation. 5 further cases have all been linked to close contact with
the nurse. 3 are relatives: her father, mother, and aunt, aged 45y, 44y,
and 36y, respectively. SARS infection in the mother and aunt has been
confirmed by the Chinese Ministry of Health. The 4th case linked to the
nurse is a 49 year old retired woman doctor who was admitted to hospital
because of another illness and shared a room with the nurse. The retired
doctor,s 23 year old daughter-in-law, who accompanied her at the time of
hospital admission, is the 5th case. As neither woman developed SARS-like
symptoms until a week following hospital admission, both are presumed to
have acquired their infection from close contact with the nurse. All 5
patients are being treated in isolation at Ditan Hospital.
[No new suspected cases of SARS have been reported in China since the last
update. The new information consists of positive laboratory tests
confirming SARS Co-V infection in a previously reported suspected case.
Again, a reminder that laboratory testing results of an independent
laboratory are still pending. - Mod.MPP]
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