Information On Meteors
And Asteroids

Neat C/2001 Q4 may 7 orbit changes
Linear C/2002 T7 may 20
25143 Itokawa June 20 sneaking up behind us timeframe of the snowball chatter and friend of noted and warned
Meteors of 2004
Comets of 2004
Pentagon's Apocalyptic Climate Change Planning
CME Nov 4
Mega Solar Flare Oct 28
Hyper-dimensional link
Stratosphere warnings
Red Flags
(OT) Red Flags that I see
Here is a thread that others can post to if they have a mind. I'm trying to find HEADLINES more than articles, about red flag kind of warnings that have been coming up very frequently.
I have my own take on things, so my "flags" will take a different slant than some of yours as to the "why" of the warnings.
Anyway, here are some Red Flags that I think I have seen:
Breaking news that the entire Internet could be shut down very easily. Hint hint.
Storys that Russia would disconnect itself from the Internet during April.
Al Franken mocking Bush last month, saying that the first year Bush was in office, he was more concerned with "meteors" than with terrorists.
Bush responding to Woodward, when Woodward asks how History will judge the Iraqi invasion. "We'll all be dead."
Homeland Security warning all Americans to get duct tape and plastic sheeting.
Fema warning all Americans to stock the pantry and be ready to shelter in place.
Ted Koppel doing a show on 4/7/04 on martial law and The Armageddon Plan.
Letterman spoofing the "spotting of a new star".
Information sent to me that a rush was on to finish underground shelters for units of soldiers.
Information sent to me that says the "S_owball" message could indeed be valid, and supercedes other operations in immediacy and importance.
A person posting a long thread on GLP stating that in a month, on April 16, the incoming comets would be determined to be a great danger. A month later, to the day, Bradfield, seemingly huge, shoots by the sun, and GLP is severly hacked, and this thread in particular is hacked at the very time the mysterious poster has promised to come back and post his findings from a military investigation of said comets. In addition, this person starts the post the day before Bradfield is "found".
From April 16 on, GLP has been continuously hacked.
Increasing news surfacing about events in space, all in the last few months.
Increasing news about comets, but not on the front page, in fact, most people don't even know about these stupendous events taking place in our near space.
Jim Mccanney being hacked.
Mark Hazelwood being hacked and having his mail list stolen and numerous mass mailings of viruses have taken place.
J Sherwoods site being hacked severly.
GLP being hacked severly.
Webbots warning of "a flower" of explosions, comet related.
Numerous postings around the net about a "orangy yellow huge glowing orb" that appears for 10 minutes, then disappears into a blue star. My son saw the very same thing in February.
Pentagon paper warning of climate collapse.
British minister warning climate change is greater and more immenent threat than terrorists.
Canadian minister warning climate change is greater threat to millions in short term than terrorists.



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