David Booth Responds
From David Booth
My Dear Friends,
I have been recently notified by my daughter that there is another controversy surrounding my book, Code Red: The Coming Destruction of the United States, 2004 and me, and that this controversy involves allegations of plagiarism. My daughter further informs me these allegations are so widespread across the Internet that I, in essence, have 'no choice' but to respond. So, here is my response:
Against many of yours better judgement I agreed to assist Wayne Green in making more public my vision of last year. Upon his advice this took the form of my compiling a number of previously written and contemporary articles that you all have been aware of. In point of fact in the book itself and as mentioned on pages 26, 29, 46, 51, 106 and 146 I referred readers to the last chapter wherein I had referenced the numerous sources I had quoted and referred to in the writing of the book. However, and as you are aware of, instead of the 10 pages of references I had sent to Mr. Green to be included what he chose to do instead was to substitute 12 pages for the promotion of his books and publications.
Since I became aware of this issue I have attempted to contact Mr. Green and have been rebuffed and have not had any of my calls returned by either him or his associates. Please note also that as I am in Italy I have made myself available for any return calls based upon his time in the United States, and have told his people that I'm available anytime they call.
As you all are aware of too Mr. Green published my book and as of this date none of us know, or in fact really care, how much money he has made off of its publication. You all know too how much have we availed ourselves and our resources towards what he had stated to us was "Of utmost importance to the world." So what we have (again) is another example of why we should not associate with them.
As many of you had stated previously Mr. Green's agenda is but another action against us to keep our knowledge from being accepted by the world at large and to further the agenda of those who have always sought to keep truth from men.
You likewise have accepted my opinion that even though our association with him, and his kind, would result in our ridicule we have nonetheless reached more people through his deception than we could have ever reached before.
Please realize too that my cautious use of language for this letter is based upon Rachals notice that she may use this letter in a more public forum on Diane's website. Rachal's decision to post this will be made by the 22nd so any concerns and/or questions you have relating to this please inform her before then.
David Booth
NOTE: For those of you who have thought that my Father (Or any of us!) would take these insults without responding you are and have been mistaken. Since they won't leave my Father alone we won't leave them alone either. As soon as I have Diane post this to the website I am also sending this to Jeff Rense ( and am making my father available for one last interview on the condition that anyone who has claims against him appear on the program also to make their claims 'face to face', instead of hiding behind the various faces they now do.
Rachal Booth



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