Bush Falls From Mountain
Bike - The Whole Story?

From Patricia Doyle, PhD
I wonder what really happened?
CRAWFORD, Texas - U.S. President George W. Bush suffered cuts and bruises early Saturday afternoon when he fell while mountain biking on his ranch, White House spokesman Trent Duffy said.
Bush was on the 16th mile of a 23-kilometre ride when he fell, Mr. Duffy said. He was riding with a military aide, members of the Secret Service and his personal physician, Dr. Richard Tubb.
"He had minor abrasions and scratches on his chin, upper lip, nose, right hand and both knees," Mr. Duffy said. "Dr. Tubb, who was with him, cleaned his scratches, said he was fine. The Secret Service offered to drive him back to the house. He declined and finished his ride."
Mr. Bush was wearing his bike helmet and a mouth guard when the mishap occurred. Mr. Duffy said he didn't know exactly how the accident happened.
"It's been raining a lot and the topsoil is loose," the spokesman said. "You know this president. He likes to go all out. Suffice it to say he wasn't whistling show tunes."
Mr. Bush left Crawford shortly after the bike mishap for Austin, where he was attending a private party of his daughter, Jenna, who graduated from the University of Texas earlier in the day. When he arrived in Austin, Mr. Bush was not wearing any bandages, although scrapes were visible on his right temple and on his chin.
As he departed from the presidential helicopter with his wife, Mr. Bush paused to give photographers a chance to take his picture, then shrugged, waved and got into a waiting limousine.
Earlier this month, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry took a spill from his bicycle while riding with Secret Service agents through Concord, Mass., about 24 kilometres miles north of Boston. Kerry fell when his bike hit a patch of sand. He was not injured.
Told about Mr. Bush's mishap, Mr. Kerry said, "I hope he's OK. I didn't know the president rode a bike."
Patricia A. Doyle, PhD
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