4,400 - A Big 11
Connection In Your Face
Perhaps a better title for this pilot movie would be
"Homeland Security Is Not Here To Help You"

By Ted Twietmeyer

I've commented before on about the connection of the occult number 11 to the globalists, and received some wonderful, loving email about it (...ah-hem!) Below is a link to 80 connections to 11 in the first 6 months of this year. (Read this later -
For those who have not read my work on this (and I don't claim to be the only one to point this out) 11 IS the rubber stamp of the NWO. You will find 11 referred to, or displayed in anything they are connected with. And that doesn't leave out much media. Further, this is a film that someone with audio analysis equipment should do: analyze the sound track for subliminal audio. This has already been detected in broadcast television today in certain shows. Nothing like mind control for the masses.
A short summation - this pilotfilm is about people who are abducted over a period of years, and then returned in a "ball of light", and about how they adjust to life again. Not exactly a tear jerker. I'm sure that on the shooting slate (you've seen these - the hand-held plate with the sound track sync counter display on it) the box for the take number had the digit '1' written in it, with indelible ink because they only used one take, as the flat acting shows. But this film isn't really about acting - it's about putting 11 and Homeland Security squarely in your face.
They show just how benevolent Homeland Security is *supposed* to be. The returnees are "housed" in a facility, all wearing gray shirts as the uniform of the day. It is essentially a prison, as visitors get the great honor of talking to them over a phone, while looking at them through glass. They are only released from the facility because of a court order.
To my knowledge, never before has a recent film showed such a blatant connection to the number 11. For example, the film begins with showing how a number of abductees are taken. These events happened from the 50's up until 2001. It showed the date they were taken in text on the screen. Is it a coincidence that they are all taken on the 11th day of the month, except for the last one which was on the 22nd ? Of course, 4400 is an exact multiple of 1100 x 4. More coincidence of course.
In one scene a couple in a restaurant have a confrontation. She is a "returnee" as they are called. She tries to tell her re-married husband that she's a part of his life. He counters with "you haven't been part of my life for the past 11 years...I have a court order...stay away..." Another 11 coincidence of course.
To this feel-good-about-Homeland-Security (the new SS) film's credit, between the stream of commercials we do see an accurate representation of just how terrible and tough life is for the returnees. These people of all ages, find jobs and homes long gone and lost relationships while they haven't aged a day in years. If this type of thing has happened already to someone, their life would be almost impossible to deal with. Other than the children, the adults find out they are now among the homeless, jobless and love-less. We don't see the loving neo-nazis at Homeland Security provide them any real assistance, even though big promises of help are made.
In this new type of film, an agent from Homeland Security goes door knocking (no jackboots and black uniforms in this film) to find a former lawyer-returnee who has powerful telekinetic powers. He can create localized earth quakes when upset. The man is shot when he can't stop the quake. He is treated and of course detained. Some of us know that in reality, he would be off on a one-way trip to a government lab for "testing" - a better name for it would be scientifically administered torture. The would use sterilized needles of course.
The bottom line, is that various abilities are shown such as bringing a bird back to life, telekinesis, a young girl sees the future of her parents and tells them what cemetery they will be buried in (so uplifting) and more. Why they haven't ended up in a government lab is a mystery to me.
But we haven't heard the entire story this is now a TV series. Nothing like having 11 in your face every week now. Bu this is just another coincidence of course, and I'm hallucinating. Frankly, I'll make it point to miss next week's mind-controlling episode.
I left out the biggest 11 connection of them all - that it was debuted on television on 7-11.



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