US Chopper Shot Down
In Iraq - 3 Dead

FALLUJA, Iraq (Reuters) - Guerrillas have shot down a U.S. helicopter during fierce clashes in the western Iraqi city of Ramadi and three on board have been killed, says an Iraqi police officer in the city.
Several witnesses also said a helicopter was shot down.
The police officer said the aircraft came down near the eastern entrance of the city and burst into flames. He said the area had been sealed off by U.S. troops.
A U.S. military spokeswoman said on Wednesday she did not have any information on the report.
At least five Iraqis were killed in the clashes in the city, Iyad Mohammed, a doctor at Ramadi's hospital, said. He said they included three brothers who were killed in their car by a roadside bomb planted to target U.S. patrols.



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