John Kerry's Office
Building &
The UFO Connection

by Robert Barrow
Having spent several decades writing -- futile -- letters urging U.S.presidents and presidential candidates to support a reputable UFO research project, here's a likely worthless bit of information for those who wish to follow in my footsteps to the edge of nowhere (who knows, your letter might be the one that influences political minds that care about real science): If you plan to write Senator John Kerry at his Washington office about UFOs, do be sure to mention that the building in which his third floor office is located, the Russell Senate Office Building, is named after the late Senator Richard Russell, whose UFO experience is legendary. Russell (D-GA), as noted famously in reputable books and web sites about UFOs, was the powerful chairman of the U.S. Armed Services Committee who saw two UFOs during a visit to Russia in 1955 (See a detailed report here in This Month In UFO History, "October 14, 1955 - US Senators See Flying Saucers In Soviet Russia "). Apparently, Russell was subsequently advised by U.S. government officials not to discuss his sighting and he reluctantly admitted as much. The Fund for UFO Research and Dr. Bruce Maccabee are credited, fortunately, with gaining release of important documents relating to this incident under the Freedom of Information Act, but it was former Los Angeles aviation writer and newspaper columnist Tom Towers who dramatically exposed the incident publicly in the fifties simply by quoting Russell's statements, in a letter to Towers, stating that he had been advised not to discuss the matter. Towers, Rense readers may recall, played the role of Albert Chop in the 1956 United Artists documentary motion picture, "U.F.O."
For those intent upon pleading with John Kerry for The Truth About UFOs in the event that he wins the election, there's the ice-breaker for your letters to 304 Russell Building, Washington, D.C. 20510 -- and pointing out the relationship between UFOs and the respected senator after whom the building is named couldn't be a better place to start.



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