When The Dead Disappear,
They Are Officially 'Missing'

By Michael Edward
Rumor Mill News
It's all quite simple when you think about it. To both government and business, death is a matter of economics. When a human body is never found, regardless of what happened to it, the name and person associated with that body is simply "missing" and is never officially considered dead.
In the same way, when a human body is "disposed" of in some manner, it no longer exists. If it no longer exists, it is never counted as a mortality. That body is simply "unaccounted for." Unless a body is physically accounted for, it will never be listed as dead.
Soon, it will be 30 years since the US Military pulled out of Viet Nam. What has happened to all the MIA's? Thousands are still officially Missing in Action. They are not dead nor killed in action... they are missing and unaccounted for. Likewise, after all these years, former Union leader Jimmy Hoffa is presumed dead, but he is offically "missing." Someone most likely disposed of his body, but until it is found, he will never be officially dead. There are still many "missing" from the 9-11-01 World Trade Center disaster. They, too, are not officially dead yet because their bodies have not been accounted for or found.
You will soon hear from the myriad of "officials" that thousands of those who were in the path of Hurricane Charley are still "missing." This will consist of those few who are genuinely missing and the many that have been disposed of in one way or another.
Life insurance policies are not paid out on "missing persons." There are no FEMA or other available funds for "missing persons." All such people are "unaccounted for," so the government still views them as "alive" but they are temporarily (and more often permanently) "missing." Insurance companies will cancel their Life Insurance Policies if the premiums are not paid, so rather than having to pay out untold hundreds of $millions, they will keep the premiums already paid to them and the policies will lapse. Poof... instant profits. What a windfall this will be for all those profit insurance companies. At the least, this will offset much of their property damage losses and perhaps keep some insurance firms from going broke.
Those thousands still missing from 1992's Hurricane Andrew twelve years ago are not officially dead yet. They are all unaccounted for and no bodies have been recovered, so they are still "missing."
When you hear the future reports of the "missing" from Hurricane Charley, just remember that nearly all of those people are physically dead. This, America, is an accurate death count. Bodies and body parts that are disposed of are not dead... they are officially "missing."
Soldiers wear metal ID's called dog tags. When they are killed in the field and the body cannot be recovered, an officer or NCO will remove their dog tag and they will become officially dead. But civilians don't wear dog tags. The elderly and migrant workers do not have to be accounted for. Federal Medicare and State Medicaid coffers will be better off since none of these "missing" persons will need those government paid-for medical services in the future... or free schooling for their children and grandchildren.
When you take a good look at it all, Charley's low "official" death toll is simply a matter of government economics. Disposing of the elderly and poor migrant farm worker bodies is an economic windfall when you consider the thousands of health, education, and welfare claims that will no longer be a burden to the Federal and Florida State agencies. The Medicare and Medicaid claims will drop off immediately in Southwest Florida. Far less Food Stamps will be given out.
The thousands who are unaccounted for and officially "missing" from the destructive path of Charley are good economics for government. The same was true of Hurricane Andrew. The pattern is well established. Expect all disasters in the future to have low death counts and high "missing" persons counts, regardless of how many people were really killed or how many bodies were actually found.
Michael Edward



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