Exclusive Photos - Hurricane
Charley's Hidden Body Bags

Reports of many hundreds of dead in the wake of hurricane Charley are being reported by some of the residents where the killer storm hit. Descriptions of entire, unevacuated, trailer parks having being turned into flattened piles of twisted metal and and dead bodies have been reported. Yet, to this day, the official death toll from Charely still stands at 25. The following photos and notes arrived from an anonymous source and we repost it with that as a caveat.
Begin notes:
These pictures were taken on Monday, August 16, with a small digital pocket camera.
There were far more body parts than entire bodies recovered that day.
This particular refrigerated van contained the "cleanup" results of just THAT ONE DAY ALONE.
Because there were so many body parts (the smaller bags), it was impossible to say exactly how many people were dead, but the "official" driver estimated that this truck (for which he oversaw the loading himself) represented 25-50 persons.
There was absolutely no attempt to identify any of the bodies or parts, and there were no morticians assigned to their "cleanup" unit.
This van left under the cover of the night curfew with 2 "official" drivers and an unmarked vehicle escort, and headed south on I-75 towards Miami.
End notes.



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