Requiem Toutatis

By Michael Goodspeed
On September 29th, 2004, our world will experience a close-encounter of the brown-stain-inducing kind. According to official NASA projections, Asteroid 4179 - more commonly known as Toutatis - will pass within a mere 963,000 miles of Earth eight days from this writing.
Not surprisingly, Toutatis' approach has created enormous internet buzz, and I must take partial and somewhat dubious credit for this. I had vowed never again to comment on this publicly, but since I have already been assailed by numerous internet agent provocateurs - from brain-dead debunkers, to the most fanatical "believers" who think I work for the Illuminati - I see no harm in again repeating my position on Toutatis.
In my internet essay "Why I Fear Toutatis," I referenced a conversation I had a year ago with a person who claimed to have worked on a secret missile defense project in Alaska. (It's worth noting that a couple of months ago, the first "missile interceptor" went active at Fort Greely in Alaska.) He asserted that the real purpose of this project was to thwart an incoming asteroid that would supposedly threaten the earth on September 29th of this year. But if you read my article (link: you know that I presented this hear-say testimony with a huge caveat. I pointed out that this person almost certainly would not have had DIRECT access to "sensitive" info, and most likely formed his own OPINIONS about the true purpose of the Fort Greely missile interceptor independently.
Over the past few months, I've seen my comments on Toutatis roundly mischaracterized, distorted, and flat-out LIED about. For the record, I have NEVER predicted that Toutatis will directly impact the Earth, and I have NEVER claimed to have "insider knowledge" about the "true" course of Toutatis. I offered anecdotal testimony, combined with free-flowing speculation and THEORY. I did this as an exercise to postulate an opinion that I have had for years: if the "powers that be" new of an impending asteroid impact, they would not tell us about it. Instead, they would feed us phony data and distorted projections. Why do I say this? Because we have ALREADY HAD close fly-bys with potentially threatening bodies from space, and we have never been told of them until AFTER they have safely passed. Do you think I am wrong? If so, I reference you to the following excerpt from author Robert Roy Brittís piece, ìNASA Works on Asteroid Alert Procedureî:
ìAn unprecedented asteroid scare in January had astronomers worried for a few hours over a rock that had a 1-in-4 chance of hitting Earth during the next few days. At the time, some of the scientists were unsure who should be notified. The event has prompted NASA to set up a formal process for notifying top officials in the future of any impending impacts, has learned.î (Link:
These comments reveal two things: 1) NASA previously did not have any formal ìprocessî to inform the general public of a threat from space. 2) NASA STILL apparently has no intention of informing the public of a threat from spaceÖbut rather to notify ìtop officials...of any impending impacts.î And what would our ìtop officialsî do with this information? The only responsible thing they COULD do would be to suppress it. Again, as I stated in "Why I Fear...îit is currently IMPOSSIBLE to project the precise impact location of an incoming asteroid. So how would the public BENEFIT from being informed? Additional lives would be lost due to hysteria and chaos. This DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN that the "truth" about Toutatis is being covered up. I have simply raised the THEORETICAL possibility that we haven't been given the whole picture. If you can't handle that...that's your problem.
If you don't believe my characterization of my own words...go back and review "Why I Fear Toutatis" (See link near top.) I gave my article this somewhat alarming title because I will ALWAYS feel some trepidation when we face the close approach of an asteroid the size of a small city. Again, how you choose to feel is up to you.
With eight days to go until Toutatis' close I afraid? Frankly, no. At the risk of sounding almost barbarically cynical, if Toutatis were to hit (and aside from the reasons I've already listed, I have no reason to think it will) I would not necessarily view this as a bad thing. Historically, the Apocalypse is a continuously repeated and generally healthy event - the death of old and destructive ways, followed by regeneration and rebirth - the dawn of a New Age. In America, we are already facing a cultural apocalypse far more grim than anything that might be reaped by the most awesome body from space.
With all that said, I am offering one final anecdotal item that could conceivably relate to Toutatis (though it PROBABLY DOES NOT). This week, Fort Bragg is tightening security around its base. On Monday, they are beginning a semi-annual training exercise called, ironically enough, "Orbit Comet, to test soldiers' response to "threats ranging from weapons of mass destruction to mass casualties." Again, I am presenting this because I trust that every individual reading this is intelligent, discerning, and adult enough to form his or her own rational opinions.
Orbit Comet begins at Fort Bragg
9/20/2004 9:29 AM
By: News 14 Carolina Staff
Fort Bragg is tightening security around the base this week.
Starting Monday, the post is conducting its semi-annual terrorist training exercise called "Orbit Comet".
The exercise tests soldiers' response to threats ranging from weapons of mass destruction to mass casualties.
Extra security measures include full vehicle inspection and ID checks at all gates during the operation.
Fort Bragg warns drivers to expect delays. Officials say people who don't need to be on post should avoid the area.



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