34 Newspapers Switch To Kerry
By Kathy Gill
In the race for newspaper editorial endorsements, 34 newspapers that endorsed President Bush in 2000 have switched their endorsement to Senator Kerry; the papers have an estimated circulation of 3.4 million. Two of the President's home town papers (one daily, one weekly) have endorsed Sen. Kerry. And Austin residents protested that paper's endorsement of President Bush after the "cautious" endorsement was published on the paper's web site.
Only four papers that supported Vice President Gore in 2000 have switched to President Bush; their circulation is about a half-million.
American Conservative magazine has taken the unusual step of having its editorial team endorse a variety of candidates. Not surprisingly, The Nation and The New Republic have endorsed Sen. Kerry; also, the New Yorker broke with an 80-year tradition of sitting on the sidelines to endorse Sen. Kerry.



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