Three US Troops Die In
Iraqi Gas Can Ploy

By Omar Al-Faris, JUS
and Muhammad Abu Nasr, Free Arab Voice
Iraq's Mujahideen are becoming increasingly bold and innovative in their attacks against US forces in a battlefield strategy that keeps occupations forces in a state of never knowing what to expect.
In one rather creative incident Wednesday afternoon, an Iraqi man appeared on the highway in the area of as-Sayyidiyah in Baghdad carrying three jerry cans full of gasoline. He was obviously a poor, simple local fellow and when he took up his position at the filling station on the highway, everyone understood that he was trying to make a little money selling the three cans of gasoline below the pump price. Oddly, though, whenever Iraqis interested in buying the fuel approached him, he angrily drove them away.
After awhile, a US patrol consisting of three Humvees came up on the man's "gasoline station". The man looked terrified and panicky and took off running from the Americans. The US troops laughed at the man's fright, and got out of the Humvees still enjoying the way they could terrify a local peddler. But when they prodded the jerry cans that the man had abandoned in his flight, a massive explosion occurred, killing three US soldiers and damaging their nearby Humvee. The jerry cans had been filled with explosives and were rigged to explode upon contact.
The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam, who reported the story, noted that the attack not only reflected how sophisticated the Mujahideen have become in their attacks on the US invaders, but also explains why the US troops are suffering from severe stress and psychological problems, as they face every day dozens of events each day that can appear innocent but prove deadly.
With Iraq's Mujahideen now carrying our over 100 attacks a day all over Iraq, resistance to American occupation and the US regime of Iyad Allawi is rising and becoming increasingly more sophisticated as Shia and Sunni struggle to end the American occupation.



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