Two US Convoys
Attacked In Iraq
From correspondents in Baghdad
Two US convoys came under attack today in and near Baghdad, leaving one US soldier dead and another injured, the US military said.
In the first incident, an attack on a convoy west of Baghdad killed one American soldier and wounded another with the 81st Brigade Combat Team, the US command said. Secondary explosions at the scene came from the cargo the convoy was carrying.
In the second incident, a car bomb hit a US convoy west of Baghdad. No injuries or casualties have been reported yet in that attack.
Residents in western Baghdad reported that a roadside bomb went off as a US Humvee passed on the way to the airport, which lies west of the city. The Humvee was reportedly burnt.
Eyewitnesses also reported assailants opening fire at a US convoy passing through a tunnel in the Khadhra district in western Baghdad. US troops sealed off the roads leading to the scene.



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