Chemtrails And
Radio Propagation -
Some Observations

By Jim Mortellaro
Update On Radio Atmospherics And Propagation
A recent article in Nature Magazine (December 4, 2004) and NASA paper sheds some light on atmospheric conditions which may be affecting radio propagation. The paper (and remember, this is from NASA) states that there have been recent 'cracks' in the earth's magnetic field, allowing solar wind to pass through these cracks and drop into the atmosphere. Naturally, satellite communications have been adversely affected, as have radio signals in the HF frequencies (high frequency or short wave). These cracks are analogous to cracks in the roof of a house, allowing the outside conditions to enter into the house (the earth).
There was no word on what may be causing these cracks or opening, except to say that they may last for hours at a time. The conditions created allow ionized particles, highly charged ions, to hit not only the earth itself, but of course, pass through the ionosphere. This has an affect on communications by saturating the various layers of the upper layers which affect communications. It may also adversely affect power generation equipment and contribute to power outages.
How and why these cracks appear coincidentally with chemical spraying of the atmosphere is not yet evident. However, data continues to be gathered, and we will keep you informed as necessary.
Hams and short wave listeners have reported 'strange' conditions in reception of late, with these conditions suddenly disappearing in the past few days (between November 19 and to date, November 22). If anyone has information on the dates during which spraying has taken place in your area, please let us know the times, dates and places in which spraying has been witnessed.
You may send this information to:
Your contribution of this information will be greatly appreciated.
One last observation made recently by scientists, is that global warming has actually caused an increase in carbon and carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere. As various regions in the Arctic lose the ice shield, flora, dead for centuries, are exposed, thereby causing the release of CO2 at an even greater rate. It seems that we are doing a great deal more harm to our beautiful planet than at first imagined. It is now pay back time ... causing harm to us in spades. Perhaps the planet is getting somewhat angry at us.
And who may blame it, for we are ruining the earth, ourselves, the flora and fauna of our planet, for generations to come, if not forever. Cogito, ergo, boom!
Jim Mortellaro
Note: At the time of submission, the sun had become slightly more active, with half a dozen sunspots on the solar surface. While much less in intensity than during the recent solar maximum, the reader should know that this recent activity has no effect on the observations made.
I am an Amateur Radio operator. Been licensed since 1957. Since I operate the low frequency bands, like 80 and 160 meters and enjoy listening to long distance (DX) AM radio broadcasts (such as Rense, the nearest station carrying Jeff is well over 800 miles away) I depend on 'skip' conditions which occur on these frequencies on a regular basis only during the period of time the sun is in it's active phase. This past August (2004) the sun was extraordinarily active. Now, the sun is at peace with nary a sunspot on it's surface. It is in it's 'minimum' stage.
This means low frequency radio signals during the nighttime hours are mostly local. On rare occasions, will these bands 'open up' to skip and long distance (DX) conditions. The sun's cycle is 11 years. But solar maximums and minimums will sometimes occur very close to one the other. We appear to be at a minimum just 3 months after the solar maximum. Not terribly unusual.
Now let's get to the point.
A look at the NASA sites show the sun as clear and clean of sunspots as the sun can be. This past week, there was absolutely NOTHING there. Nothing. That means the activity on low band radio frequencies, from 3 MHz on down to about 1 MHz, should be dead. No skip, no long distance stations coming in, nothing. Quiet.
Nothing could be farther from true. Listen in to your own AM radio and see for yourself. Sunday night (10/24/04) produced a plethora of stations coming in that should definitely not have been heard. Near the 1500 and up portion of the spectrum, long distance stations (DX) were blasting in as if they were local. This occurs only during Solar Maximum. The Amateur 80 Meter band is bringing in stations from all over the world. Not only has this condition continued, but it has increased. Stations on the AM radio dial begin phasing in and out before 7PM EDST and continue to sunup.
I was trying to listen in to a show I cannot receive on AM radio one night. The closest stations and therefore the strongest signals in my area, come from New York and Albany. Tonight, I could not here those stations. I was hearing stations from Mexico, Canada, LA, and points all over the compass including Canada.
A digression. When the solar maximum occurs, ionized particles flood the upper atmosphere. These particles allow AM stations, and Amateur radio stations from 80 through 160 meters to bounce off the ionosphere, landing at great distances beyond the ground wave. The ground wave for a typical AM broadcast station is normally in the 300+ mile range. More or less. During skip conditions, the ground wave is less effective, since the sky wave interferes with local stations.
A powerful AM station in New York such as WABC (770) or WCBS (880) will fade in and out as stronger stations come in. And those NY stations will actually cancel themselves out as the sky wave arrives a little after the ground wave, causing phase differences sufficient to reduce signal strength to near zero at times.
Don't give up now, people, there's a lot more to this little tutorial than a lesson in DX radio conditions.
Here is the premise. If the sun is no longer active, if the sun has a nice, clean surface, and if there are no other perturbations affecting radio communications, then what the heck is causing this windfall for Hams and lousy listening for AM radio?
Not a darn thing. Not a darn NATURAL thing that is. But something is happening here and I think I know what it is, Mr. Jones. The biggest phenomena lurking in our skies is Chemtrails. Chemtrails contain at least one interesting element and that would be barium. Barium is used as substrate material since it is not a conductor of electrons. Coat the barium with other elements and voila, you have a great conductor.
I posit the idea that chemtrails may be responsible for this bounty of good DX radio on the low frequencies. And to add to the rationale, some high frequency bands are also active which should NOT be active. These include the ham 10 meter band and even the Citizen's Band 11 meter band. This is quite bizarre. Low frequency bands open up BEFORE 8 PM in the Eastern Time Zone. This is not normal. DX continues until just before daylight. Also quite impossible, since the sun is not active and there is NOTHING else known to us which may cause these conditions.
It may be that chemtrails are specifically used to enhance low frequency propagation. Or it may be that chemtrails have the side benefit of creating superb radio propagation. For there is one additional observation made by our local Amateur Radio Group. Immediately following a spraying, band conditions open up wide. And not only on lower frequencies, but also on some of the high frequency bands.
We are not speaking here, of some intermittent phenomena. We are speaking of continuous, long distance low band radio communications which should be rare to non-existent during this phase of the solar cycle.
Coincidence? Doesn't seem so to us. But hey, you never know.
Jim Mortellaro
Notes: ARRL Antenna Handbook, RACES, AREC and Military Amateur Radio Reports
From John Blanke
Hi Jeff,
I'm a longtime listener and fan of yours. You have very informative information most times, but one such article I don't think is very accurate. That is "Chemtrails and Radio Propagation".
I'm a ham since 1955 and I know propagation quite well on the high frequency bands. While I agree that chemtrails do have some impact on propagation. I don't think much has changed over the years to point a finger at Chemtrails just yet. Therefore, I don't believe Mr. Mortellaro truly understands propagation on the lower frequencies, 1mhz-30mhz and maybe has another agenda afoot.
Here is a little rundown on what happens: When there are lots of sunspots more of the layers of the ionosphere are ionized thereby allowing long range communication on the higher frequencies, 10mhz and above to about 30mhz. These are good during the daylight hours. Conversely, the bands below 10mhz suffer with diminished skip capability and are only nightime bands at best. The bands below 10mhz are generally nightime bands throughout the sunspot cycle and are not very good for long range communications during high sunspot activity, but they are NOT dead, just diminished in range.
During low sunspot activity the reverse occurs. The bands above 10mhz are very poor and the bands below are great at night including the broadcast band.
As for the broadcast band you can hear skip most nights throughout the sunspot cycle albeit limited during peak years of the cycle. I know, I listen to WCBS on 880 most nights since I'm originally from N.J. I live in Florida.
Now for an observation of Mr. Mortellaro. I looked him up on the following link and found no one with that name as an amateur. While I think Chemtrails are doing something, more to humans than anything else, I think little has been shown to actually affect propagation.
John Blanke
Melbourne, FL

From Jim Mortellaro
11-10-4 writes:
Hi Jim,
I read your article, "Chemtrails And Radio Propagation - Some Observations" on Jeff Renses web site. Very interesting. You mentioned you are a ham since 57. I've been one since 55. Just curious, but what is your callsign?
I was going to respond to your commentary to my piece on Rense, but frankly had little time. I do plan to respond, however, John.
First thing to explain is that I was not clear enough to make my point to a technical audience. But then, Rense is clearly not such an audience, and simplifying the explanations is often better. I recall substituting for Hank Courten, the astronomer, at Adelphi when I worked for Grumman years back. I was not aware of the level of knowledge of the students, and so in an effort to simplify, I broke several laws of physics to make the point.
Quickly however, there is a big difference between normal DX, most especially on AM radio, which is normally in and out of the noise level, and that very same DX blasting in as if it were a local station ... and staying at that level. During the daylight hours, three stations, one in Albany, Schenectady and NYC come in here at about 10d. over S-9 (relative of course). At night, they are skipping in and out as if they were those DX stations in the noise, and the distant stations at a relatively consistent 10+ over S-9. BUT ONLY UNDER CERTAIN CONDITIONS WHICH I did not mention in my piece. Chemtrails are the one variable, after subtracting for solar activity, time of year, time of day or night and etc.
Now to your question. I operated for years under the K2SPG call sign. I was about 14 at the time and in High School when I passed my novice. After many years I moved to a condo and both I and the FCC lost track. I allowed my license to lapse. I had forgotten all about it. Since I was inactive, there was nothing to remind me.
Thanks to my friends at ARRL, I've been tutored on the new rules, which frankly were not nearly as prevalent in the exams back in the decades following the 50's. I passed my General and am waiting to hear whether I passed the more advanced levels. I had to bolt after the tests. Whether I continue with K2SPG or select another call sign which is more appropriate for me, I am not certain. I always wanted W2 call letters.
Recently I have been involved in a study correlating so-called "Chemtrail" activity across the USA with propagation. I will explain the methodology in the response. I'm sure Jeff with publish it.
There are about a dozen clubs involved. We have a database which compares chemtrail activity across the nation with propagation between NY and the chemtrail paths. The data shows a definite correlation. This project is part of a contract I have with a client I cannot name as a result of non-diclosure. When the study material becomes available I can send it to you if you like, redacted.
Also, I now live on a small mountain in upstate NY. I use more than ten acres on the very top of this mountain, three long wires, two dipoles for 160 (E-W and N-S), same for 80 and a series of beams for 40 thru 10 meters. I rarely use anything above 80 meters, however. I have the latest TenTek rig along with my old DX-40, three ARC-5's and a damned good Hammurlund HQ 170 plus a Colins S-Line. I may be the only ham in the world who still uses a straight key and recently bought a new, in the box, 1950 vintage Vibroplex I bought on EBay.
I also use two different verticals on HF (80 and 160). After I decide on my call letters, I can make a sched with you on virtually any band except ten and higher, which I never favored in the first place. As for 2 meters ... God forbid. Back ten or more years ago it was just bad. Now it's awful. As is 10 due to CB'rs able to obtain rigs with which to operate on ham and CB frequencies. It's sad what's become of my (our) ham radio these days. Clearly this is one of thereasons I stick to HF CW which was always a challenge to me.
Thank you for your comments. Shortly, I will be on 80 and 160 on a regular basis. Right now, I have been blessed with some consulting work which I've not had at this level in many years. Bush may have depressed a lot of Dems, but business has picked up. RF com is one of my specialties, specifying and managing the installation and testing of police and government replacement of analog with digital and encrypted communications.



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