Texas Radio Host Launches
Anti-Schwarzenegger Effort

By Jim Wasserman
Associated Press
SACRAMENTO - A Texas radio host launched a Web-based offensive Thursday against efforts to change the U.S. Constitution to allow Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for president of the United States.
Alex Jones, an Austin-based talk show host on the Burnsville, Minn., Genesis Communications Network, said the site raised $5,000 for an anti-Schwarzenegger campaign in its first two hours.
Jones, once voted Austin's favorite radio host and sometimes described as a "conspiracy theorist," said he's raising funds to run TV ads in Austin and Sacramento to counter those beginning this week by Schwarzenegger supporters hoping he'll run for president.
"This is serious," he said. "Arnold is serious. His people are serious."
Jones, 30, said most Americans don't support changing the Constitution to clear the way for a Schwarzenegger presidency. The talk show host who rails daily against globalism, the United Nations and World Bank on satellite and Internet radio, criticizes Schwarzenegger for admitted past drug use and mistreatment of women, and accuses him of Nazi sympathies.
"He's all over TV getting wall-to-wall major news cycle coverage for weeks on end," Jones said. "This is a campaign and his operatives are pushing it. It deserves to be countered."
Jones' unveiled his Web site,, as a Silicon Valley-based group begins airing ads supporting the constitutional change. Its ads and a companion Web site, ", are sponsored by Lissa Morgenthaler-Jones, a Bay Area mutual fund manager and Schwarzenegger campaign donor.
Schwarzenegger aides declined comment on either campaign. But the governor said Tuesday on CNN's Larry King Live that he supports an amendment.
Four proposed amendments are before Congress, but none is moving through the legislative process. Constitutional amendments must be approved by two-thirds of both houses of Congress and then ratified by 38 states to take effect.



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