World Sits By, Watches US
Slaughter In Iraq Continue

By Michael Shore
Tel Aviv
Why is the slaughter of innocent Iraqi children, women and men by the super high tech U.S. military allowed to continue un-opposed by the U.N., when Kofi Anan, U.N. Secretary General, has already declared the war in Iraq to be illegal? What is the next step the U.N. takes when they declare that a Nation is making illegal war? Are there sanctions against the warring Nation? Do ALL the other U.N. Nations isolate the warring Nation and meet and develop a plan to STOP the warring Nation from continuing it's illegal war? Obviously nothing appears to be going on at the U.N. to stop the U.S. from continuing it's illegal war in Iraq, so one can conclude that if it is the U.S.A. that makes illegal war, than it's O.K. at the U.N. Actually the U.N. is a bogus organization established by the Illuminati as part of their overall plan to establish a One World Government, organized as a global fascist police State, ruled by a so-called "elitist" dictatorship!
It is just so pathetic how this disgusting atrocious U.S. "war for profits" in Iraq is allowed to continue without the world community and every leader of a Nation and every religious leader calling out every day for Bush and the U.S.A. to stop their slaughtering of innocent human beings in Iraq and Afghanistan! The reasons Bush et al have given about why the U.S. went to war and why their troops are still in Iraq has changed so many times, it has lost all meaning. Words cannot begin to describe the unnecessary suffering that the Iraqi and Afghani people are experiencing at the hands of killer Bush and his soldiers in Bush's killing military machine. It's like watching a sick,perverted insane man who has all these weapons and soldiers, who have "corralled" millions of human beings who can't escape in Iraq and Afghanistan. It makes one feel powerless to not be able do anything as these innocent human beings are slaughtered like "animals" by the troops using their weapons. Can you hear the children, women and men screaming? Can you see their bodies blown apart and bleeding? This is sick and EVIL. This is primitive and barbaric! All war is primitive and barbaric, don't you think?
If the U.S.A. was invaded by a foreign military force that destroyed their country and took over their government, wouldn't the people in the U.S.A. try to oust the foreign invaders from their country? This is what is going on in Iraq. The Iraqis are trying to oust the U.S. foreign invaders from their land. They are trying to stop the U.S. foreign invaders from killing their families, relatives and friends. But it is the Iraqis fighters who are labeled "terrorists", insurgents, guerrillas etc., and it is the Iraqi fighters who are cast as the BAD guys in the corporate controlled U.S. media. The "nice" guys in the U.S. military, who are slaughtering and killing and maiming over 100,000 innocent Iraqi civilians, are cast as the "GOOD" guys. How sick can things be?
If you ask any American on the streets in the U.S.A. why U.S. troops are still in Iraq you would probably get an answer showing that they really don't know why the troops are there.They would not be able to give you an answer justifying the killing and wounding of over 100,000 Iraqi men, women and children by the U.S. military over the last year and a half. In fact the Americans on the streets in the U.S.A. have no idea that over 100,000 innocent Iraqis have been killed and wounded by their military they support with their tax dollars.The corporate controlled U.S. media do not report the casualty figures of both the U.S. soldiers and Iraqi civilians killed and wounded in Iraq. Americans must think that all those multi-billions of dollars of bombs that were dropped on Iraq in the initial "shock and awe" invasion of Iraq and continue to be dropped on Iraq don't kill or wound anybody??? The average American waves his red white and blue flag and blindly supports a psychopathic killer leader and his government and their troops who are doing all the horrendous killing now going on in Iraq. The slogan that Americans rally behind is "Support Our Troops". It doesn't matter if their troops are killing human beings in an "illegal war for profit". In order to be "patriotic" and accepted by your fellow Americans, you gotta "support the U.S. criminal and killer troops". If you demonstrate for peace or speak out AGAINST the war you may be arrested and thrown in jail. Has America become the "new Nazi Germany"? Even though Jesus would never drop any bombs and kill human beings, somehow tens of millions of so-called "Jesus loving" American Christians think it's OK for their President and military to drop as many bombs as they like and kill thousands and thousands of innocent Iraqis, who never killed one American on American soil. It can't get any sicker than that! What are these Americans thinking or are they thinking at all? What is going on in their minds? Or is their government's brainwashing and mind control techniques so powerful that "they really don't know what they do?"
Which brings us to the slaughter of human beings taking place in Falluja. As the world community sits quietly by and Bush and his fellow Jesus loving, self righteous, Christian fundamentalists go to church, the U.S. military and their newly trained Iraqi paid mercenaries are about to launch an attack to literally level Falluja. Like who are the highly trained-to-kill, armed-to-the-teeth 10,000 U.S. troops going to fight? A bunch of civilians? The so-called insurgents who are suppose to be fighting the American soldiers are no match at all. They don't have any tanks, they don't have any huge artillery cannons, they don't have missiles, they don't have war ships, they don't have war planes, they don't have atomic bombs and Weapons of Mass Destruction, they don't have helicopter warships, they don't have shit! And those "brave" American soldiers who do have all of these weapons are about to launch their attack and outright slaughter innocent men, women and children in Falluja. Ask an American soldier who is in Iraq and is part of this assault team why they are about to kill more innocent Iraqi civilians in Falluja and he really couldn't give you a good reason for the slaughter about to happen. In fact ask an American soldier why they're still in Iraq and he'll probably tell you he doesn't know and that he would like to be home in the U.S.A.
The only people who are benefiting from all this un-necessary slaughter and killing of human beings taking place in Iraq and Afghanistan are the multi-billion dollar war corporations, the corporations who are getting multi-billion dollar "re-building Iraq" contracts and the oil companies that control the TRILLIONS of dollars Iraqi oil and the TRILLIONS of dollars of oil in the Caspian Sea near Afghanistan. Billions and TRILLIONS of dollars is more money than the average American or U.S. troop in Iraq can comprehend, which is why they never think that there are a few individuals and corporations who are making this huge amount of money from war and that this is the real reason why there is a "war" in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hundreds of billions of American taxpayer dollars and thousands of U.S. troops are being MIS-USED by these miserable, perverted, un-compassionate, sick, insane, un-loving EVIL owners of war and oil corporations to enrich themselvesHOW SICK CAN THEY BE? It's time we find out and expose who these millionaire and billionaire owners of war and oil corporations are so we can recognize the REAL "TERRORISTS" that are behind the scenes causing all this war and killing for their personal financial gain. Hopefully more and more people can see this MANIPULATION FOR MONEY that is the real reason why unnecessary wars are being fought all over the world. Then We the People can organize ourselves and change the leaders of Nations, who are the "puppets" of the super wealthy "elite" that are responsible for all this war and killing for personal financial gain. If we can succeed in doing this, then Peace is possible.
Michael Shore


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