Another Crooked
Herzog May Save
The Day
By Barry Chamish <>
A member of one of the Labor Zionist crime families who brought us the "peace" process may yet save the day with his crimes. He is Prime Minister Barak's cabinet secretary Yitzhak Herzog.
For a change, today's headlines (Dec.7) are all about high crime in the camp of Ehud Barak. The high criminal written about was Herzog, who was interrogated by Israel Police for two hours but refused to sing a note. Instead, while keeping his trap hermetically shut, he handed over a written proclamation of innocence. He explained after, that until the State Attorney General, Elyakim Rubinstein ruled on the legal issues, he was under no obligation to cooperate with the cops.
What he meant was, he would wait until Rubinstein once again came to the rescue with his usual corrupt judicial ruling to bail out the ruling elite. But the AG is in a tough spot this time around. He has spent so many years bailing out the country's leaders over their coverup of the Rabin assassination and the Shabak incitements which preceded them, that he has lost too much public goodwill. So far, he hasn't found a good enough formula to fool the people as successfully as before.
So, if Rabin won't bring down Barak, this time Herzog just might.
The sad tale begins in the months prior to the last elections. Pres. Clinton sent a team of electioneering bunco artists led by James Carville to assure Barak's victory. A far-reaching scam was hatched to raise massive funds by defrauding North American Jews, and Barak's brother-in-law, as well as Herzog organized the grim details.
Using Barak's political influence, the usual network of well-placed and financed overseas Jews were to be offered opportunities to contribute to a variety of charitable funds, supporting worthy causes like defeating unemployment, educating children about democracy, building sports facilities in the slums, and the like. Only these charities were non-existent; in fact they were fronts for Barak's election campaign. Well-intentioned Jews forked over their cash to help Israel's forlorn and under-educated, and their money, tens of millions of dollars of it, went straight into Barak's back pocket.
The scammers went campaigning all over the American continent but hardest hit, reportedly, was Canada, where another Herzog named Shiri, led the fraud operation. She insists she knew nothing about the illegalities involved. But Yitzhak Herzog most certainly did since he was raised in an atmosphere of crime.
Big Daddy Chaim
His father Chaim Herzog appeared to the world the picture of propriety. Oxford-educated, his father was chief rabbi of Ireland. Previous to his appointment as President, he was founder of one of the nation's biggest law firms; Herzog Fox Neeman and later took in his son Yitzhak as a partner. Surely, he was above corruption.
So the nation thought until he showed his cards just prior to leaving the Presidency in early 1993. On December 31st, 1992, he was shuttled to China and Kazakhstan on the private plane of the country's richest businessman Shaul Eisenberg. Prime Minister Rabin was warned by compatriots like then-Religious Affairs Minister Uzi Baram that a flight on a private jet was unthinkably unethical and asked him to foot the bill for a government-sanctioned plane journey. If not, he warned Rabin, a full-scale scandal would erupt if the trip was discovered.
Rabin chose to take his chances and soon after, prevailed on the Treasury to increase its fund for insuring exports to the Kazakhstan region from $50 million to $400 million. Thereafter, the President of the Kazakhstani Republic, one Nursultan Nazarbayev visited Israel and the scandal broke.
It seems the US government had quietly released $400 million in credits for joint Israeli-American projects in Kazakhstan. Neither Eisenberg nor Herzog would talk about what the credits were to be used for, nor why Rabin agreed to insure them to the tune, also of $400 million, but a flimsy press leak suggested the money was to be used for a cotton farm.
Now, since oil-rich Kazakhstan, which borders radical Iran, has not turned into the textile capital of Central Asia, we can be sure Eisenberg and Herzog were not aiming to be Cotton Kings. We can be equally sure that Herzog received a huge payoff for duties done as President though we can't pinpoint the favors. However one act alone gives a hint of the scope of Herzog's lack of scruples. He pardoned the General Security Services (Shabak) officers who lied about killing two terrorists in what is known as the Bus 300 scandal. By doing so, he created the monster Shabak which used murder without conscience, including that of Yitzhak Rabin, to promote the Oslo "peace" process.
You see, when the Labor establishment needed really huge political favors, Eisenberg was sent in to make the payoffs. Two examples will suffice. During the Persian Gulf War, Defence Minister Moshe Arens did precisely nothing to defend his country from Iraqi SCUD attacks. The very day he left office, he was appointed to an executive position in Eisenberg's company. Remember Gonen Segev? He abandoned the right wing Tsomet Party to support Rabin's peace process as the new Energy Minister. Once he retired from politics, he was munificently appointed to head an Eisenberg-initiated joint Jordanian-Israeli energy project.
And this was far from the only example of how Chaim Herzog abused his presidential influence to garner favors from the wealthy and crooked. Previously, Herzog's law firm bought Robert Maxwell's memoirs and then the president and Maxwell entered into a shady barter deal with the Russians reportedly involving supplying the then-USSR with Israeli high tech aeronautics. The rumor at the time had Herzog and Maxwell selling the Ruskies the Israeli fighter jet, the Lavi, which American pressure had forced Israel to shelve.
Enter Brother Yoel
Yitzhak Herzog's older brother Yoel married very well. His wife is the daughter of the Swiss multi-millionaire Nissim Gaon. And in 1978, Gaon helped fund a new financial establishment in Israel, the North American Bank. Naturally, he appointed his son-in-law Yoel to the board. The bank wasted no time bribing politicians, including then-Health Minister Ehud Olmert, who was given a $50,000 "loan" at no interest, which was never returned; in fact, not an agora of the principle was ever paid back, nor was it intended to be. Then in 1984, two executives of the bank, one its Director General, simply emptied the vaults and absconded to Paris with $32 million, literally all the bank's liquid assets.
Eventually they were caught and they and four other executives were imprisoned for their role in the theft. The only executive whose name was never mentioned in what was then Israel's biggest theft ever, was Yoel Herzog.
But in 1996, his luck ran out. It seems Yoel really wanted to run a Casino in Cannes, France. So he bribed the mayor of the city to award him a casino license. For this he was arrested and imprisoned. We were reliably informed that family influence shortened his sojourn in French lockup.
Yitzhak's Wife Michal
Yitzhak Herzog's wife Michal runs the Marc Rich Foundation in Israel. Her boss has been on the Interpol and FBI most wanted list for almost two decades. In 1979, the American government embargoed Iran for kidnapping its Teheran embassy staff and forbade trade in its oil. Rich saw that as an opportunity and acted as a mediator on behalf of the Iranians for its discounted petroleum. He was arrested by the FBI for treason and fraud and skipped bail, arriving in Switzerland where his ill-begotten millions awaited him in an "offshore" account. The Swiss, ever grateful for his bribes, have prevented his extradition ever since.
As has, an equally grateful Israel. Rich has, over the years, "contributed" to a variety of Labor Party politicians, most notably and graciously to Shimon Peres and Ehud Barak. For that reason, he has been welcomed to Israel with open arms dozens of times over the past two decades.
And who distributes his largesse, but Michal Herzog?
Just to give a fine example of how tainted money is used to taint Israel's democracy...The Movement For Quality Government is supposedly a grassroots organization fighting government corruption. Two weeks ago the country's most widely circulated newspaper Yediot Ahronot published an expose. It turns out that a major contributor to this Movement is Marc Rich, which may well explain why Barak, despite claims to the contrary, seems immune from its wrath and why it refuses to use its influence to investigate the truth of the Rabin murder.
Yitzhak Again
It has been a year since the State Comptroller released its report on election campaign felonies. Next week, it will issue a new report detailing the crimes of the Likud and opposition parties. But not a word about Labor will be written because the Clinton administration is not allowing Israel Police to investigate in America and because Yoel Herzog is protecting Barak by keeping his mouth shut.
Of course, if Israel's Justice Ministry stepped in, it could force Herzog to sing with a series of stinging indictments. But the country's Justice Minister, Yossi Beilin is not only a founding father of the Oslo "peace" process who would share a cell with Herzog if the full truth about his diplomacy emerged, he is being kept under close control by the widespread knowledge of his office peccadillos with a male employee.
Meanwhile Israel is ablaze and Yoel Herzog's boss Ehud Barak is looking for new ways to reopen the "peace" process his equally crooked Labor predecessors handed him.
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