An Honest US Marine
Confirms Fallujah Disaster
And Lashes Back At David Hackworth

From GE News
Read this honest marine's words carefully, what the Iraqi resistance and several other foreign (non-Arab) agencies have reported about Fallujah 2 battle is correct.
Here is an honest United states Marine talking about the first night of Fallujah 2 and later on in the battle:
Responding to Dave (Hackworth):
"To Dave - you are a liar i am a usmc-cpl. station at camp pendleton and i lost 18 good friends in the fullujah operations. the soldier that wrote this letter, failed to mentioned the grad rocket booby traps that injured and killed over a 500 (Marine) troops on the night of the iniatial offense. support forces failed to provide blocking support for the corp and we were ambushed severely and took heavy casualties. you should be ashamed of yourself, because it sounds like a reporter wrote the letter instead of a soldier.
And i notice the letter was never addressed to a loved one, dave! the next time you think of lying to the public consider the families at camp pendleton ca. who would be glad if this story was true...but know that it isn't because hundreds of their dead loved ones came home in a coroners bag. and, oh, by the way, those 2-7 cav pussies conducted a tactical retreat on the 4th day of battle, leaving leavig the 1st-2nd-(mef)to fend for themselves, leaving the insurgents in control of 60% of the city."
Uncle Sam Wants Your Kids - Now!
By David H. Hackworth
We'll soon have 150,000 U.S. troops stuck in the ever-expanding Iraqi quagmire, a number that will probably grow even larger before Iraq holds elections presently scheduled for the end of January 2005.
Maintaining such a force is a logistical and personnel nightmare for every grunt in Iraq. And according to several Pentagon number crunchers, it's also driving the top brass bonkers.
Meanwhile, the insurgents continue cutting our supply lines and whacking our fighting platoons and supporters, who attrit daily as soldiers and Marines fall to enemy shots, sickness or accidents. Empty platoons lose fights, so these casualties have to be replaced ASAP.
Since this tragic war kicked off in March 2003, the United States has evacuated an estimated 50,000 KIA (Killed), WIA (wounded) and non-battle casualties from Iraq back to the States - leaving 50,000 slots that have had to be filled.
Report Totals for December 18, 2004
By Blue Agua Guest on 18.12.2004 [10:00 ]
U.S Soldiers Killed.............101
Humvees Des Disa............21
Abrams Tanks................... 3
Not included anything from the Fallujah part, as it seems that is a repeat of previous past days news and information.
American Forces Lose Control Of Mosul
By Patrick Cockburn in Baghdad
The Independent - UK
Major US Defeat In Fallujah Claimed Lions Of Fallujah
Hail Major Victory Over US Forces
By Muhammad Abu Nasr
Free Arab Voice And Omar Al-Faris, JUS
Iraqi insurgents are growing more effective
Associated Press Writer
WASHINGTON (AP) - Iraqi insurgents are growing more effective and it will take time to get U.S. troops the $4 billion in armor they need for protection, defense officials said Wednesday. "This is not Wal-Mart,'' one general said.
Officials rejected growing criticism that armor shortages in Iraq reflect poor war planning, and they said they've been working as fast as possible to give troops what they need.
COMMENT: most of the people blindly follow and believe the news given by Zionist media such as, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, that proven to be displaying crabs. On the other hand, if you follow independent free presses such as RENSE.COM, JUS, IRAQ_MIRROR, ABSARAH, GENEWS, FREE AMERICAN PRESS, DAVID DUKE WEB, THE_TRUTH, INSIDE_STORY, WHATREALLYHAPPENDS, DNN, ETC. you will find real news that you cannot find from Zionist media. Zionist media never let you know that US is losing war in Afghanistan and Iraq, which the the US is actually fighting for pirate Israel. If there is a war against Iran, again, it will be for pirate Israel. Eventually, America have to pay heavy price for its illegitimate child pirate Israel when its economy will completely collapse. Unemployment is already going up. Crime rates are rapidly going up and "return of Bush" will end up, perhaps, with a spectacular civil war within the USA.



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