Russian Nationalist MP
Accuses Western Intelligence
of Financing Ukrainian Opposition

A State Duma deputy has accused Western intelligence of financing Ukrainian liberal challenger Viktor Yushchenkoís campaign, and asked the Duma to address Ukraineís parliament to ignore ìprovocationsî.
Alexei Ostrovsky, from the nationalist LDPR party, said that a battle is going on in Ukraine ìnot for president, but for a NATO military base there,î the Interfax news agency quoted him as saying.
He asked the Duma to address Ukraineís Rada, which is convening Tuesday to dispute election results handing victory to pro-Moscow Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich, to ignore ìprovocations from Western special servicesî.
However, Duma deputies, led by a communist MP, rejected the initiative, saying it was too early to consider such an address. Only 48 deputies voted for the initiative, with a necessary minimum of 226 votes for it to pass.
CIS monitors had earlier called the Ukrainian elections ìcompletely transparentî, after western monitors, including the United States, the EU, and OSCE, panned the elections on allegations of fraud, saying they did not meet democratic standards.
President Vladimir Putin, however, has congratulated Yanukovich ó whom he endorsed - with victory despite the disputed results and challenger Yushchenkoís claims that he won.



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