What Are You...On Drugs?
With so many Americans popping prescription meds,
who needs nature and sex and exercise?

By Mark Morford
SF Gate Columnist
The odds are very good that you are on drugs.
Right now. This minute. As I type this and as you read this and as false Texas dictators rise and sad empires crumble and as this mad bewildered world spins in its frantically careening orbit, there's a nearly 50/50 chance that some sort of devious synthetic chemical manufactured by some massive and largely heartless corporation is coursing through your bloodstream and humping your brain stem and molesting your karma and kicking the crap out of your libido and chattering the teeth of your very bones.
Maybe it's regulating your blood pressure. Maybe it's keeping your cholesterol in check. Maybe it's helping you sleep. Maybe it's helping you wake the hell up. Maybe it's opening your bronchial tubes. Maybe it's brightening your terminally bleak outlook.
Maybe it's adjusting your hormone levels or controlling your urge to weep every minute or relaxing the blood vessels in your penis or cranking the serotonin to your brain or pumping carefully measured slugs of any number of substances with Latin-rooted jawbreaker names through your flesh in a bizarre dance of miraculous vaguely disturbing death-defying scientific wonder.
/drug/p30-x01.htmlalprazolam or
/drug/p30-p05.htmlfluoxetine or
/drug/p30-z02.htmlsertraline or
/cgi/generic/atorvastatin.htmatorvastatin or
http://www.purplepill.comesomeprazole or
/drug/p30-b08.htmlbuspirone or
/drug/p30-e02.htmlvenlafaxine or
Forty-four percent of all Americans. That's the latest number.
Almost half us are popping at least one prescription drug and fully one in six are popping three or more,



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