Terrorism And Excessive
Law Enforcement
Or, Two Sides Of The Same Coin

By Ted Twietmeyer

Don't breathe words in public like "C4, dynamite, nuclear, dirty bomb" or doing something physical to some all-powerful, nameless figure in a public place. God forbid you do such a thing. Or even utter terrible, un-American comments like how much you love freedom. When you use any of these in public, heads will turn and glaring eyes will be upon you. Properly brainwashed sheeple will whisper to other sheeple across the table in a restaurant, "shhh..he's one of those conspiracy nuts. Shouldn't we call someone about him?" To those brainwashed and asleep I say, "GO RIGHT AHEAD. I'll give you the phone number. And I'll convert them as well to the truth while I'm riding in the back seat. In the mean time, let me explain something to you..." Inevitably with few exceptions they will respond with, "what can we do about it?" That's when the rubber meets the road.
Never once have I advocated violence, and perhaps that's why I'm still walking around. Although at this point in the chain of events, it doesn't mean that at some point, somewhere that violence won't begin. Martial law will be the trigger even to push millions of Americans over the edge. This will follow the next REALLY big attack, perhaps even a city-wide event.
Would someone actually call authorities about a conversation they overheard? It's happened already. Like the innocent man in Buffalo a couple years ago who was talking about Moses in the Bible's story of the burning Bush to a friend in a bar. The half-wit bartender called the feds about the patron's rhetoric. Perhaps the bartender was sampling some of his own product. This phone call caused a visit to the patron by the feds, and the patron was given 2 years of free room and board in the big house without door knobs. He was made an example of to prove that fear is now an American's constant companion. Thank you, Mr. Bush.
And then there are the Nazi-like traffic stops and police "house call" mistakes by their storm troopers. Endless video's of black boot thug cops yelling like robocop, "get down on the ground, get down now" shouted at people for minor or even non-offenses.
The in-car video of the Virginia woman pulled over, just so officers could ask her "where are your going?" When she didn't cooperate and told them she had her rights, they bickered off camera in their patrol car (but still on audio) about what to do, then dragged her out of her car and arrested her for resisting arrest. A judge later tossed it out. Hopefully she will sue them for millions in damages. Hit 'em in the wallet, right where it hurts. All these police acts and more are calculated to scare the daylights out of you, and make YOU fear THEM. It's to keep fear of the government and police first and foremost in the minds of the sheeple. But like psychological warfare, these tactics are only most effective when the targets (sheeple) are not aware of it.
Recently, we were in a restaurant in a small town, when another customer brought up the Patriot Act. In fact, he was old enough to be a great grandfather. Yet even as a war veteran, he was boldly outspoken with his feelings. He also blurted out "Did you vote for Bush? I sure didn't and neither did anyone else I know. So, who did?" Who voted for him, of course, is a real mystery. And why anyone would, is an even bigger one considering his abysmal track record.
How Bush won isn't a mystery. I enlightened him about back door election software that was never a mystery and was exposed early last year. But was certified for use anyway. He also pointed out some cartoons about Bush and his people in the newspaper, and loudly stated "Hey, look at that! Looks like a hate crime to me!" My response was "how did the editor allow THAT to get published?"
Oh-dear-oh-dear..oh....dear! What a shame! It was a newspaper printed by Gannett, another NWO affiliated media corporation and daily Bush admirer. I'll bet the weekend editor is fired before Monday.Complete with the great lie headline how "2004 was the best year in 5 years." Nauseating. Tell that to the millions now unemployed without hope.
An angry public is like the tip of an iceberg, because only a small percentage of the people will actually make their voices heard. But that percentage is growing, even within the ranks of the military as they make their feelings known by permanently going on AWOL. So why don't they want endless war, killing mostly civilians and inhaling DU dust? What's wrong with them? And there is little the dictator can do about how they feel. After all, they have nothing to lose by their actions. Next it will be the MPs managing the brigs that will desert. Because they are breathing the same air over there as the other service people, they will get ill, too. Perhaps then the dictator will have guard the prisoners himself?
His next press conference might come from an "undisclosed location."
Ever notice that as more men and women die in Iraq, there are fewer "Bush/Cheney ' 04" stickers you see on vehicles?
Government social engineering has brought McCarthy-ism back with a vengeance. Instead of a "communist around every corner," now its someone with a name like Abdul or Mohammed. In some of the sheeple's minds-eye a terrorist is the proverbial Islamic wearing an outdoor vest. It's packed with one-time use chemical items you can't easily find anywhere, even in ChinaMart. And what is the point anyway? Abdul or Mohammed won't be "standing around" to admire their work after they flip the switch. That enduring terrorist image created by our loving, all-caring and kind government, uses carefully planned fears like that described above against everyone equally, to justify stealing our liberties like a thief in the night. And in reality, it was late at night when Congress was strongly urged to approve the Patriot Act. No time to read it they were told.
We see high pole mounted cameras everywhere, even at remote highway interchanges where no one is around for miles. So what if the Homeland Insecurity minions actually something happen on camera? The reality is no one could get to any location fast enough. But that ISN'T the purpose of these cameras. False security and fear are now the average American's constant companion. Thankyou again, Mr. Bush.
So, now we are in transition into a full police state. Over-security measures have nothing whatsoever to do with fighting "terrorism." In other countries like the UK where all the firearms were outlawed and confiscated, the criminals didn't turn their guns in, and crime skyrocketed. Neither did the police turn theirs in either. Is there still a difference between the police and criminals in some areas now? Many of us wonder. But it keeps the internal affairs people employed.
What over-security is really about is the government staging a war against the American people. Every war, long before it is announced, takes years to prepare for. It has been said long ago that "all wars are won before they are ever fought." I would add to that "WHO will win a war, is decided BEFORE that war is ever fought." But this theory only applies to wars that involve world powers who participate in the global chess game. Not wars that are started by players OUTSIDE the game that were not sanctioned, such as impromptu civil wars. These are the wars that worry globalists, because they have so little control and may not be able to pre-decide the outcome. And they themselves or their empires may be at risk, if it goes too far. These powerful people may move to "undisclosed locations" when such a war ensues. But if they emerge from their hidden enclaves after the war is over only to find their empires and corporations plundered and in rubble and ruin, WHAT have they actually won? Do they still have a real net worth or power? The would do well to consider this future scenario before they go too far.
Albert Pike [1], a freemason of the late 1800's stated where and when WW1, WW2 and WW3 would take place. These wars were all planned and orchestrated, just like a theater play. The richest and most powerful global elite on the planet planned these, and Buffet and Gates are too poor to even be their chauffeurs. These wars have all happened right on schedule as stated back in the 19th century by Pike. This precludes chance when three out of three have happened. Including WW3 in the mideast that's already underway. History proves world planning is a real fact. Therefore communism is also a planned government, not one that came about because of a supposed "revolution." It was a planned, sanctioned pseudo-revolution used as a cover.
So, is it any wonder that Clinton allowed the Chinese to wander around inside the White House without passes under his administration? Again, two sides of the same coin. Once one realizes this, many unexplainable things you have heard about suddenly become clear.
Now cameras, more laws and acts to destroy freedom, proposed chip implants (first the military this year, next civilian police, then all Americans) and new internal passports as passed in the recent intelligence bill, and other more extreme "security measures" are all about the slowly emerging WAR AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. None of the above "security" actions have any other foreseeable or useful purpose. This also helps to make fear the average American's constant companion. Thankyou Mr. Bush.
No longer does an excuse exist for anyone to be naive any longer. Don't believe that "Congress is your friend and advocate" and that you should "email them, fax them and make them aware." This is B.S. Their track record of looking out for your rights or the lack thereof, speaks volumes of what most all of them stand for, with just a few exceptional people like Ron Paul. If it wasn't most all of them, then horrendous acts against freedom would never have been passed. Thinking they will protect us is nothing more than promoting "busy work" to keep the masses busily entertained, and that there is still "hope" for change.
Millions will NEVER believe they signed Patriot Act 1 or other related acts in ignorance, even though they complained publicly they "didn't know what was in it and were told to just sign it." More BS, because Ron Paul KNEW at the time what the content was, and had at least a synopsis of it. If he knew, then most (if not all) of them on Capitol Hill knew this, too. Ron Paul patriotically and publicly stated 'he would never sign anything that would take away liberties from the people.' Kudos to him for doing the RIGHT thing, and not doing what he was told to do. Unfortunately, his voice has been drowned out by the drums of war, which are now about to begin beating a new cadence, the invasion of Iran.
And the war continues on another front - a hidden one. The war against our own men and women, who are DU and bio poisoned. These are our next generation of leaders and are loved by millions of Americans. Yet they have been treated as though they are the lowest lifeform on earth by Rumsfeldt. He makes me ashamed to be German.
Anyone that cannot understand his complete disregard for our ALL VOLUNTEER forces, needs to understand that this all part of destroying America by bringing it to her knees. Then NATO forces will be on AMERICAN streets. In 2001, Bush stated he would do exactly that if needed - put foreign troops on US soil. They are already here. Go visit one of the many bases like Ft. AP Hill in Virginia, now under quiet UN control with active troop training in progress for years now. I've seen them personally myself. Seeing them on our streets will now be just around the corner, as thousands die in battle or from wounds, desert the military leaving positions unmanned or are dying from DU and other poisoning.
What the dictator and others won't ever acknowledge publicly, is that it will be these same great highly trained men and women that desert who will never be on the NWO side, when the civil war begins in America. Logically, it will be they who will become the leaders and trainers of today's civilians for the resistance forces when the time comes.
We truly have an NWO-controlled government that has TURNED AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. It isn't just the dictator. Now it takes place at all levels. A complex, serious and traitorous plan to bring America to her knees for the NWO is underway. Society will be engineered to be the way *they* want it to be. And it will be a living hell, too. As I've said before, go visit a POW camp yourself in America and find out how they plan to enforce this effort. Many of them are quietly being rebuilt, and there are now several camps in every state.
We have seen that terror and excessive security ARE indeed two sides of the same coin. Both operate on one key, powerful human emotion - fear. And in the end if left unchecked, this will force America to bow down to the evil one. Removing the name of God and his principles from society is fundamental to the NWO plan. See [2] below for their mission statement from 1997. The evil one is the master puppeteer that pulls the strings which control the NWO minions, and in turn their drones, megalomaniacs and self-appointed dictators.
Over-security combined with fear of more terror attacks are the main tools used to manipulate the minds of the masses into submission.
Ted Twietmeyer
[1] Albert Pike:
[2] From Project for a New American Century - extract from their mission statement:
...We seem to have forgotten the essential elements of the Reagan Administration's success: a military that is strong and ready to meet both present and future challenges; a foreign policy that boldly and purposefully promotes American principles abroad; and national leadership that accepts the United States' global responsibilities...
Alton Raines
Mr. Twietmeyer needs to get his facts straight......
the "innocent" man in buffalo was actually an oregon man in South Dakota
the "innocent" man (Richard Humphreys, btw) was not "talking about Moses in the Bible's story" ......according to himself, anyways:
"Earlier that day, Humphreys told the jury that a comment about a "burning Bush" before President Bush's visit to Sioux Falls last year was a **PROPHECY** that deserves First Amendment protection." (from AP article about the trial )
another snip from another article:
"I said that God might speak to the world through a burning Bush," Humphreys, 50, later testified in federal court. "I thought it was funny. It was prophetizing."
Knowing President George W. Bush was scheduled to visit nearby Sioux Falls the next day, a bartender reported Humphreys' comment to local police, claiming that Humphreys alluded to the possibility of someone pouring a flammable liquid on the president and lighting it. Local police took Humphreys into custody at his Sioux Falls motel just hours before Bush arrived. This is a reasonable reaction which any president deserves by those who must protect the president from possible crazies or assassins.
Unfortunately for Humphreys, the humor was lost on U.S. Attorney Michael Ridgeway. "It wasn't a joke," Ridgeway told the federal jury a year and a half later. "It wasn't funny. Simply put, it was a threat." As evidence, Ridgeway pointed to a transcript from an Internet chat room where Humphreys wrote, "now going to ask Bush for justice, and if I don't get it don't be surprised to see a burning Bush."
wonder how many other "FACTS" Mr. Twietmeyer got wrong.......?



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