The Brambled Bush
Begins To Burn

By Jim Kirwan
How would the world have responded to the New World Order if we had known about "Bramble Bush the plan created in 1996, five years prior to Bush, for then Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu?

"Wisely, Netanyahu rejected the task force' plan. But now, with the election of a receptive George W. Bush, they dusted off their pre-emptive war strategy and began getting ready to put it to use.
"The new Bush policy was an aggressive agenda for any president, but especially for someone who had previously shown little interest in international affairs. We're going to correct the imbalances (of) the previous administration on the Mideast conflict, Bush told his freshly assembled senior national security team in the Situation Room on January 30, 2001. We're going to tilt it back toward Israel.

And just like that the entire thrust and purpose in the stance of this country began to take a back seat to foreign advisors in US offices and to the extreme right wing in Israel. This is how we came to embrace the concept of preemptive strikes, as something that Bush and his handlers saw as viable even though it is so foreign to both national and international law. Israel, after all has a long history of spitting on international law and UN resolutions.

Maybe we should remove the shoulder patches from all our forces and replace those American designations with the patch for the Israeli Defense Forces? But then how could we explain to the families of those who have been wounded, mutilated, or killed that the "cause they died in had nothing to do with their country, or with American policies: as American policies, were simply the dog being wagged by that obscene tail that is totally controlled by Israel's right wing?

To many this will be new news, to others this is just now surfacing to take it's place in the evidence file, alongside the years of disinformation that has fueled this nightmare from the start.

When one combines the facts above, that show the near total unanimity that the US and Britain have been trying to use to cover up their official roles in the sham we are now living: It's clear the pre-emptive wars of the USA obviously had nothing to do with international Arab terror, or terrorists. Rather, this Bramble Bush is uniquely suited to the current policies of those Israeli extremists that now hold sway over that tiny nation.

Sharon is an internal matter for Israel, yet because of the scope of Bramble Bush, the world must weigh in on the illegality and the aggression involved. This unholy union between Britain and the US is being led by Israel and has targeted the American public along with many other nations, in what the cabal called the New World Order (introduced to the world by GHW Bush on September 11, 1990). Remember junior's first thousand days?

Nation states lost control over their respective leaders many decades back, yet taxpayers still expected some consideration but were not consulted, and congress did not debate "preemptive strikes. This policy, came straight out of the playbook of the extreme right wing in Israel. And all of it went hand in hand with their master plan, which was called Shekhinah (Shock & Awe) and concerned the plan for Greater, Israel.

This brazen takeover of our policies as well as the direction of our armed forces by another nation is an outrage that must be answered before the world court. Barring that, then the court of worldwide public opinion should demand answers from all associated or involved with this tyranny that has made a mockery of the deaths of so many human beings, especially over the last four years!

As individuals here we all have a private partner in our lives. That private partner is the U.S. government. The share, that government took used to be much smaller but now it hovers near 50 % of everything, and sometimes more. Add this to the misspent taxes that we've paid, combined with the misinformation that continues to spew from the major networks: Then consider, not only the lies they are telling by design, but the outright fraud they are perpetuating on a naïve and unrealistic population.

It's bad enough that we have allowed the New World Order to export our jobs, to destroy the infrastructure and the monetary viability of the USA. Too many stand and stare while cops, firemen and medical personnel along with border patrol officers are fired in numbers: so who really cares about the safety of the citizens of this country? Agency heads have begun destroying the very reasons for those agencies in the first place. Environmental Protection = Environmental Destruction; Department of Justice = Department of Detentions without Representation; Health & Human Services = Death & Homelessness; Department of Education = Department of Ignorance, charged with the murder of imagination and the instillation of Terror and Fear. And of course the Media is "The Ministry of Truth from Orwell's classic "1984.

The list is very long, and throughout this government's transgressions against both the intent and the letter of the laws of this land rein down every minute of every hour upon the poor, upon the harried and the weak, without surcease. The Bush administration is directing this rain of dead birds and broken glass as far as the eye can see: So who will bring these transgressions to a halt? Was all that blood so viciously spilled, just to fill some 'others' wish list? Israel has received tens of trillions (since 1948), from the taxpayers of this country only to have Israel now attempt to steal the USA, and to get us to actually pay them to do it. No, this is not an anti-Semetic charge this is about criminal activity, and has nothing to do with religion or nationalities. If this doesn't qualify as an impeachable offense then what does?

There's a glow just beyond the near horizon, and in the dream it appears that villagers are coming with their torches, to burn this infestation of the bramble bushes wherever they have taken root. And No it's not that simple, but something needs to begin to happen in official channels, not just here, but definitely NOW!




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