China Found Avian Influenza
H5N1 In Pigs In 2004

From Patricia Doyle, PhD

Hello, Jeff - I received an email foward, as I see you did, as well. I am not sure if people realize that China claims to have found highly-pathogenic avian influenza type A H5N1 in pigs in 2004. We have also now learned that Dr. Henry Niman discovered human influenza lab-created genes WSN/33 in pigs in South Korea. Both of this information should put us on alert re: a pandemic.
We need to monitor the situation in both China and Korea extremely closely. It is quite likely that a pandemic will be spawned via pigs to humans.
Patricia Doyle
Avian Flu H5N1 found in pigs
August 20, 2004
Scientists in China say they have discovered a highly virulent strain of bird flu virus in pigs.
An official at the China National Avian Flu Reference Laboratory said the H5N1 virus strain had been found in pigs at several farms in the country. The spread to pigs has yet to be confirmed, but there could be serious implications for human health if it is. The World Health Organization said that if the pigs were harbouring both bird and human flu viruses, the two strains could interact to create a strain capable of transferring easily to humans. According to the Chinese scientists the virus had been discovered in pigs in south-east Chinas Fujian province in 2003, and in "another place" in 2004.
Source: BBC
The finding has not yet been confirmed, and it is not yet clear whether the pigs were actually infected with the virus (i.e. the virus replicating inside the pigs respiratory tract cells) or merely found without actually infecting the pigs. If the H5N1 infection actually infected the pigs the possibility increases of adaptation of the H5N1 towards a virus with higher capability of infecting humans.
More than 20 people died and almost 200 million birds were culled during a flu epidemic in Asia earlier this year.
Patricia A. Doyle, PhD
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