The Sad State Of The Union

By Jolly Roger
I have to admit that I'm thoroughly enjoying the latest White House scandal. It seems that our tough-guy, fighter-pilot president who smokes out terrorists dead or alive when he's not preaching Christian morality and family values, has been spending his evenings with a gay male prostitute. I'm sure this is no surprise to the bonesmen, but I have to wonder if Laura Bush and the twins know about this.
Not even Karl Rove can untie the knot of karma's circle that's now forming a noose around our "president's" neck, and I can't help but smile at the possibility of a White House homosexuality scandal being forced into the mainstream news. I don't usually ridicule anyone's sexual orientation, but there's something special about the planet's most visible gay-basher being "outed." I doubt that Bush's position on gay marriage is breaking Gannon's heart, but in light of the fact that our "president" has probably been bent over the desk in the oval office, it does epitomize the hypocrisy that now pervades all of what our government does.
Judging by Lynn Cheney's writing, it might be safe to assume that she and Laura Bush have become friendly, since Dubya prefers to spend his free time with Gannon, which would leave "Dick" Cheney free to prey upon Karl Rove. If they're all consenting adults, it's none of my business, but I do find it comical that the proponents of abstinence and chastity are probably inspiring a modern re-make of "Caligula."
The tragic part of this story involves the half-million children that disappear every year in the United States, and the knowledge that people in our government are the privileged consumers of this harvest. What insane degree of arrogance has allowed them to ruin countless human lives to satisfy their perverted, and sadistic lust? What makes them feel they have a right to take a boy like Johnny Gosch, and turn him into a monster like Gannon? How many children don't survive? They shouldn't be so confident of getting away with things like this, and if it's not too much to hope for, I think they should be punished for it. If it's not too much to admit, I think "cruel and unusual punishment" might be justified for these people who have managed to justify the torture of innocents around the globe.
It's not just a matter of corrupt leaders robbing us and killing us, or stealing our freedom while selling our nation. The real problem is that they don't even look upon us as human beings anymore. In their eyes we've become much lesser beings, who are obviously not deserving of the slightest bit of compassion. And just like a sadistic child might torture a small animal, they can be expected to gain some type of sadistic pleasure from insuring our misery. They probably flaunt their power by bragging about the ruined lives they've left in their wake, and then joke about the hardship they've heaped upon the slave class. I think they laugh about the lies we believe, and gloat over the number of body bags filled by their genetically engineered viruses.
The people ruining our lives and this country are cruel, heartless, and sadistic murderers, who have shown no hint of remorse or regret for the acts of mass murder they committed in Oklahoma city, and on 9-11. Murdering 3000 citizens to rally support for profitable wars is all part of a day's work for them. It's not easy to sway the opinion of an entire nation overnight, or to induce them to accept life without freedom in the "post 9-11 world." It wasn't easy, but it's gotten them richer than you can imagine, and it will leave the rest of us poor and oppressed.
The time-honored techniques of murder, intimidation, bribery, blackmail, and nepotism have left our fascist regime in firm control of all three branches of our government, as well as the media. It might be an uncomfortable reality to accept, but there is no longer anyone in our government we can turn to for help. Our "representatives" have sold us out, and their new function is to assist in the pillaging of our wealth, and to get as much work out of us as possible before we die. Our entire lives have been reduced to mere entries in a corporate leger, and as such, our lives must be as inexpensive as possible.
They won't waste any more money on the homeless, the mentally ill, the disabled, or the elderly. If you can't work, you'll die, and if you can work, they'll get as much work out of you as they can, while they squeeze from you every penny they can grab. They dream up new ways to tax us every day, despite the fact that the richest 1% just received an additional 85% tax cut, most of which will be invested overseas. America's wealth is being systematically drained, and the nation's infrastructure is crumbling. Our roads are falling into disrepair, and our parks, libraries and schools are closing. Your social security retirement funds have been looted, and there is only enough money for police, prisons, and war. There's still no sign of the $2.3 trillion that was "lost" by the pentagon, but no one in our government seems to be worried about it. I guess it would be silly to try to find it, or hold anyone accountable, when it's a lot easier to squeeze some more money out of the people.
I don't think we deserve their obvious contempt for our very existence, but I do think it's the inevitable result of allowing ourselves to be ruled and oppressed by a gang of thieves, mass murderers, and pederasts. These things happen because we allow them to happen, and it will only stop when we stop it, because no one exists who will do it for us. You can't detach yourself from this responsibility by saying "I voted for Kerry." Kerry wouldn't have made a difference, nor would the "election" of anyone else. The elections are about as important as any traveling circus, but they must exist so you'll feel you have some recourse. The elections are rigged, it doesn't matter who you vote for, and that may never change. But the elections are legitimate, as is the election process, because we didn't fight hard enough to prove that they're fraudulent. Either way, our present emergency demands that your political participation consist of a lot more than voting in a bogus election. Our rulers will continue to rob us, murder us, and molest our children, until we put a stop to it.
Our options, and our time, are both running out, and as more time is wasted, our options diminish further. Naturally, we will pursue all lawful and peaceful avenues to their extreme end before considering any horrifying solutions, but the scary factor in the equation is that if change is violent, it won't be the result of anyone's careful consideration. It's something that will erupt quickly, like a long-dormant volcano, that now releases steam silently, through tiny cracks in the mountain. It might happen in a week, and it might happen in a year, and hopefully, it will never happen at all, but our present circumstances make it very likely. An economic collapse is inevitable, and a lot of people will be left with nothing to lose.
Anger is building steadily, and it increases with every mortgage foreclosure, and every time someone watches a loved one die because they can't afford health insurance. It grows quickly in those who have worked all their lives, and fought for this nation, who are now unworthy of having a roof over their head in the land of plenty. It rises silently under the gaze of an intrusive and oppressive government, that has pried its eyes into everything we do, and steals a big piece of everything we've worked for, only to spend it entirely against our will.
This is not America, this is tyranny defined, and the proof lies in your fear of speaking your mind, or questioning your government. And the fear is justified when well known journalists like Gary Webb and Hunter Thompson suffer from "preemptive book burnings", that forever silence dissenting opinions, and try to slow the continuous dissemination of truth. The official rulings of "suicide" are an obvious farce when you know the details, but the killers aren't worried about that either. The message they want to convey is "if you speak out, we'll kill you, and nobody's going to stop us."
We need to answer this message by letting them know that they will be stopped, because we won't be.
--- Jolly Roger



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