Another Case Of Rare
STD Shows Up In NY

From Patricia Doyle, PhD
MINEOLA, N.Y. (AP) _ A Nassau County man has been diagnosed with a rare sexually transmitted disease, the first case in the county and one of seven around the country.
The Nassau County Department of Health has confirmed that the man has Lymphogranuloma Venereum, a form of chlamydia. The disease's symptoms can be serious _ rectal pain and bleeding, and sores. The disease can also increase the risk of HIV transmission.
Two men in New York City were diagnosed in early February with the disease, which can be treated with antibiotics if caught early. All three men are HIV positive, and had multiple partners among other men. Three cases have been identified in San Francisco, and one in Atlanta. Unprotected anal intercourse is the key risk factor for the spread of LGV, which is difficult to diagnose.
In the past two decades LGV has been uncommon in industrialized nations and primarily has been found in the tropics.
But in November, the National Institute for Public Health in the Netherlands said 92 cases of LGV among gay and bisexual men had been reported there over the preceding year, compared to the usual two or three cases a year. Officials said cases also have been found in the United Kingdom.
The LGV cases come at the same time that another New York City man was diagnosed with a case of highly drug-resistant HIV.
Officials in Nassau and Suffolk counties were planning to hold a meeting on Monday to discuss the potential public health threat of LGV as well as the resurgence of high-risk sexual behavior.
Patricia A. Doyle, PhD
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