Russia - Rabies Widespread
In Wildlife In Kurgan Region

From Patricia Doyle, PhD
By Julia Anufrieva Russian Broadcasting Company, Region 45 (translated from Russian, edited)
An emergency has been declared in the Kurgan region. Cases of rabies among animals have been recorded in all districts of the region. In January 2005 alone, more than 200 people bitten by sick animals have sought medical attention. This is 30 per cent more than last year [2004]. The most distressing case was reported from the Makushinsk District. A rottweiler [rabid or not?] mauled and killed an 8 year old boy. Doctors are disturbed by the fact that rabies has recently become more common in cats. Wild animals began to show [disturbed behavior] after summer forest fires, and hungry predators -- foxes and wolves -- in search of food began to enter human settlements, where they came into contact with domestic pets and transmitted rabies infection to them.
Ivan Panasenko, the head physician of the Regional Unit for Control of Animal Disease, stated that general vaccination of pets and [bait containing anti-rabies vaccine] had shown little effect this winter [2005]. Rabies diagnostics are carried out in the Virology Laboratory in Rjabkovo. In January [2005], about 40 samples from foxes, dogs, horses, and cows were submitted to the laboratory for examination. The samples from dogs were rabies positive. As a consequence, hunters have been authorized to shoot wild animals of the canine family.
Hunter Dies From Rabies In Dubna (Moscow region)
Moskovskiy Komsomolez - newspaper (translated by Mod. NR, edited) 2-22-5
A 29 year old man from Dubna turned to medical care, having developed hydrophobia, when it was too late to do prophylactic vaccination, and on the fifth day of hospitalization he died. He had been butchering the carcass of an animal a month before his symptoms appeared. When the man was examined later, physicians found no visible skin damages. But this does not exclude the case that he might have had cuts when he was skinning the animal. All his family members and people who were in contact with him are prescribed to get vaccination.
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The Kurgan region is located in the southwest of the West Siberian plain. It borders the Sverdlovsk Region in the north and north west, the Chelyabinsk region in the west and south west, Kazakhstan in the south and south east, and the Tjumen region in the east and north east. Rabies is also a problem in the adjacent Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk regions. - Mod.NP
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