Dresden - The Real Saint
Valentine's Day Massacre

"When the rich wage war, it's the poor who die." --Jean-Paul Sartre
By Kevin Alfred Strom
The Bombing Of Dresden
By Jon Lamb
The WWII Dresden Holocaust -
'A Single Column Of Flame'
The Truth About The 1945 Bombing Of Dresden
By John Black
Why Did The Allies Reduce Dresden To Rubble?
Why did up to half a million common people have to die? The truth is the Allies (Churchill's England, Stalin's Russia and Roosevelt's U.S.) mass murdered them.
By Don Harkins
The Day The Bombs Fell On Dresden
By David Stafford
Allied Bombing Of Dresden Remains Symbol Of War's Horror
by Frank Ellmers
'Dresden Was A Dead City -- Everything Was Burnt'
By Luke Harding
Rereading Dark Chapter In Allies' Tale Of Victory
By Charles M. Sennott
Allied Bombing Of Dresden Scars Germans To This Day
By Frank Ellmers
Germans Mark 60th Anniversary Of Dresden Fire Bombing
Dresden Marks Bombing Anniversary



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