Gonzales, Wolfowitz,
Bolton & Rice
It Ain't No Marketing Firm

By Jim Moore
Unless, that is, you need consultation on how to dismantle and destroy a nation. Then these are the people you might have called to get the job done. And you did good. Because nobody has more impressive credentials and vast potential for destruction than this quartet.
And since the downfall of the America-we-knew appears to be the ultimate goal of Bush & Co., CEO George W. knew what he was doing when he hired in this lethal clique.
As good as they are, however, at ripping entities apart, this firm isn't the only outfit Bush has working his demolition project.
He also has Rumsfeld & Co., and Cheney's Haliburton bunch, working in concert with the U.S. military; first, to demolish infrastructures, then build them back up again, reaping handsome profits in the undertaking. To be sure, some of these are mediocre lights in the Bush & Co. disorganization, but not so mediocre that they are undeserving of a mention.
Thus, if you have an organization (or a nation) that needs destroying (for whatever reason) it will pay you to consider employing this band of nogoodniks to do the job.
Paul Wolfowitz, Faux Banker.
This dangerous jokester, major architect of the Iraqi War, may know how to count to 10 but he knows absolutely nothing about international banking. The Wolf, however, is a past master at following the money. And there's plenty to follow at the World Bank.
The function of the World Bank, in case your perceptive faculties are off-line, is simple in its devious concept. The Bank lends money to poor countries to help them grow, by building industrial complexes, and the Bank works with Bechtel, Haliburton, et al, (surprise) and others to build these projects.
Fast forward. When the poor country runs their projects into the ground (for want of know-how and expertise) what's left is the makings of a profitable, industrial-military complex, and all the big players get in for a piece of the action: the construction companies, arms-makers, and, of course, the international bankers.
But Wolfowitz didn't get the head man's job at the World Bank because he understands banking, He got the job because of his connections to the right people to pull off this lucrative scam. When Bush wants a favor he sneezes, and the Wolf gives him a hanky and says God bless.
When Bush nominated Wolfowitz to head up the World Bank, there were some partisan squawks. No matter. The Wolf got the job because, with his connections---and as cheer leader for any old World War---he's the perfect choice.
Alberto Gonzales, Quiet Enforcer
The best that can be said for this singular strong-arm character is that he has a well-documented record of advocating dictatorial powers, preemptive wars, torture, and violation of the Geneva Conventions. That background fits right in with the "legal" advice he gave Bush in his "war on terrorism", which was that, during this "critical" time, you, sir, are justified in using unlimited executive powers with few constraints from the Courts, Congress, or international treaties.
Gonzales' credentials, which live down to his dictatorial philosophy, are even more revealing. How a man gets a job as U.S. District Attorney with no law enforcement experience might sound like blowing smoke until you consider what he did, and for whom, before his nomination.
As a business and corporate lawyer, Gonzales, for at least the past few years, served the entire Bush family; first in Texas, then in the Federal Government; and most notably with his memos of questionable content to then Governor Bush which paved the way for 152 executions, "a record unmatched by any other governor in modern American history,"
With his law enforcement inexperience, his record of flaunting Constitutional law, his locked-in dedication to the Bush playbook, and his anything-goes, Gestapo-like attitude toward "policing" America, Gonzales is the wrong man for the job at the right time.
John Bolton, Demolition Expert
When describing John Bolton, Bush's choice for UN Ambassador, Carl Ford of the State Department minced no words: he called Bolton "a serial abuseran 800-pound gorilla who devours anyone who disagrees with him." In meetings, Bolton is a screamer, says Ford, who attempts to get people fired for telling the truth. No doubt Bolton earned that reputation by such bloodletting tactics as trying to get a top expert on Latin America fired for challenging his fabrications that Cuba was developing biological weapons.
It's no secret that the UN's Global agenda does not make America's interests a top priority. However, Bolton's vociferous utterance: "If the UN building ii New York lost ten stories, it wouldn't make a bit of difference," is hardly diplomacy in action, especially with a multi-hoopla organization.
But wait. There is something oddly ironic going on here. On one hand is Bolton's insistence that the United Nations is relevant only when it serves the United States. On the other hand, the interests of the United States---unilateral expansionism, military domination, and global control----do not reflect the objectives of the United Nations.
Considering this, one is forced to wonder about Bush's strange choice of a loose cannon for this sensitive assignment.
Condoleezza Rice, Little Miss Muff it
Some folks may say that Condi Rice got her promotion to Secretary of State because of her credentials.
Not true. Her only credentials are her former position as Bush's National Security Advisor, an extensive academic background, and board positions with a myriad of major U.S. corporations. All of which, though impressive, hardly requires, or even suggests, an expertise in sensitive international diplomacy.
No, Condi Rice got her job of Secretary of State because of her lapdog devotion to President Bush's alarming "globalization" ideology and her zeal to help make his warped vision come true----at the betrayal of America's laws, fundamentals, and principles.
For example, Rice, while in Mexico, said, "All countries are vulnerable in this way (terrorism), and so the work that we've done together to make our borders more secure, protects Mexicans and this protects Americans."
What work? What togetherness? With 20-million illegal aliens in this country and 10,000 more coming in every day, telling Mexico's President Fox: "My country will not tolerate illegal actions by the Minutemen vigilantes. Nor do we support these groupseven though we cannot interfere.", hardly sounds like a person who is supposed to represent America's interests.
This "demolition team" aside, a cursory rundown of ALL Bush appointees reveals a similar trait in each person: an unfailing allegiance to this president's mad-hatter agenda, with little concern for the America they have sworn to defend and protect.
And we wonder what's wrong with this country.
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Jim Moore is a free-lance political writer and is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.
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