More On The 'Mistaken'
Shipments Of Deadly Virus
From Patricia Doyle, PhD
Hello, Jeff - I have a list of the countries that received the virus. The virus was sent out in the Fall, October and the "mistake?" not noted until March 25th.
A written report to be sent from various labs announcing that they have destroyed the virus. Lebanon, Chile, Brazil, Bermuda, Israel, Mexico, Saudi Arabia are among the countries that we shall have to accept at their word that the virus was destroyed.
This entire situation is beyond belief and, I believe, they are hiding much more.
We may find that a recombinent pandemic strain is the very "weapon" the murdered microbiologists had information on.
Countries in which at least one laboratory is currently known to have
received virus samples:
European countries
Other countries
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China
The Republic of Korea
Saudi Arabia
United States
Robert G. Webster, a flu expert at St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, called the incident "a terrible, terrible mistake. I have been telling WHO for a number of years that this is a dangerous virus that is still out there in more labs than they know," he said. "This may alert WHO and Homeland Security and whoever wants to know that each and every H2N2 sample from 1957 needs to be rounded up and locked down."
Neither the College of American Pathologists nor Meridian Bioscience was aware that the virus being shipped was the deadly 1957 strain, said Jared Schwartz, a pathologist and spokesman for the college. The college asked the company to ship a type A strain of virus, he said, and Meridian's paperwork indicated that this strain was benign. "For reasons I don't understand and Meridian doesn't understand, the documentation they had was incorrect," he said, adding that the source of the mislabeling was unclear. Meridian may have obtained the strain from another company that had misidentified it, he said. Even had Meridian known it was the deadly H2N2 strain, Schwartz said, current federal guidelines would have allowed the company to ship it. He said that neither the college nor the company was aware CDC was considering whether to reclassify the strain as too deadly to ship. Schwartz said a mechanism is being established to require anyone shipping pathogens to notify the CDC about what strains of virus are involved.
Patricia A. Doyle, PhD
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