700 Bird Flu Deaths Of
Patients In China?

From Patricia Doyle, PhD
By Dr. Henry L Niman
Recombinomics Commentary
The understanding about the death personnel's information report is, China official already through unorthodox way under *fund, but understands information is dies one person of country compensates 80000 Yuan. Says regarding many epidemic diseases areas personnel, 80000 Yuan are equal to the local resident approximately 60 years income.
Before we understand the information is dies more than 100 people, but acts according to understands actual under dials compensates the fund surpassed 60000000, moreover more than 60000000 only is to death personnel's compensate, does not include to infects personnel's medical service allocates funds.
The above machine translated test from a Boxun report at Abundant News suggests that there may be as many as 700 H5N1 bird flu victims based on the size of the compensation fund. The fund is for death benefits and does not included medical costs or compensation to families where there are no survivors.
The story has not been verified, but is available online at Reports from last month indicated 6 tourists and 121 residents in Qinghai Provoince had died from bird flu, along with over 8000 birds. The latest update from WHO indicating over 5000 birds had died is closer to the boxun number than the 519 birds in the OIE report or the over 1000 birds mentioned in the follow-up press conference
China has said they have only test two people who had contact with the birds and had bird flu symptoms, including respiratory illness. Although they tested negative, China has never reported a positive bird flu patient and they have asked for testing of their primers. Mismatched primers in northern and southern Vietnam have produced false negatives, so the status of the two patient is unclear because China did not indicate what organism caused the bird flu symptoms. Therefore, China has admitted that there are at least two suspect bird flu cases in Qinghai, although there has been no lab verification.
WHO Says Over 5000 Waterfowl Deaths In Qinghai
By Dr. Henry L. Niman, PhD
Recombinomics Commentary
Avian flu has killed 5,000 wild birds in China's northwest, five times the number previously reported by the Chinese government, the World Health Organization said Tuesday.
Birds are still dying in Qinghai province at the rate of 20 a day, said the leader of a WHO team that visited the remote region last week with Chinese health officials. <<
The initial reports on the WHO media conference on their visit to Qinghai indicates the waterfowl die off was massive. The number of bird deaths was closer to the boxun list which contained over 8000 birds representing 13 species.
The latest OIE filing by the Chinese government for the Qinhai outbreak was on May 21 indicating 519 bird died involving 5 species including the 180 bar headed geese described in initial media reports. Although China had filed two reports on domestic waterfowl deaths in neighboring Xinjiang, they have not updated the Qinghai report, although China did indicate at a press conference following that May 21 OIE report that over 1000 birds had died and the die off from H5N1 bird flu was without precedent.
The current report on the OIE conference indicated birds are still dying.
Although WHO did not report evidence for human deaths, there was a report of 121 human deaths in 18 communities near Qinghai Lake as well as a pneumonia cluster in Tacheng Hospital involving patients and health care workers. The second OIE report described the H5N1 infection of domestic geese in Tacheng between June 1 and June 8. There have also been rumors of local media reports of more recent human deaths in Qinghai.
The reports of human cases require further investigation as the number of bird deaths in Qinhai and Xinjiang continue to spread via migratory birds.
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