China Warns Against
Unsafe 'Maverick'
Bird Flu Research

From Patricia Doyle, PhD
China warns against unsafe, maverick research into bird flu? This could mean a couple of things.
1. It could mean that China is hiding both the severity of the bird flu going human to human and the change in bird flu sequence and does not want sample to get out of China.
2. It could also mean that "someone" in China had been experimenting with bird flu and it got out. Perhaps, they were going to use it as a bioweapon and, as in the case of SARS, it simply got out of the lab.
One thing that it certainly means is that China is hiding something about the bird flu outbreak.
China Warns Against Unsafe 'Maverick' Bird Flu Research
(AFP) -- Citing a recent government notice, the Beijing News reported that China has warned maverick scientists against conducting "unsafe" research into bird flu, ordering them to seek explicit approval from the authorities first, and that the ministry of agriculture must give the green light before anyone can transport microbe samples abroad, stating, "No unit or person is allowed to dissect poultry or wild animals that have died from disease, or to collect or transport samples without the approval of animal health authorities at the provincial level or above. No unit or person is allowed to collect samples and microbes and ship them overseas without the agriculture ministry's permission."
The story notes that the warning came a month after the government acknowledged more than 1000 migratory birds had been found dead from the H5N1 strain of avian flu in northwest China's Qinghai province. _____
Pro-Med Mail
China has recently demonstrated the first -- though modest -- signs of willingness to improve transparency in relation to animal health. Hopefully, this newswire does not herald a return to the old unfortunate tendency towards covertness. - Mod.AS
Patricia A. Doyle, PhD
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