Opposition Leader Prepares
Brits To Accept Martial Law
Kennedy: No link between London attacks and Iraq
"I wouldn't link what's happened in London to Iraq," Mr. Kennedy said
Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy has dismissed recent reports linking London bombings to the war in Iraq.
Speaking on the BBC's News 24 Sunday, Mr. Kennedy, leader of a party that strongly rejecting the decision to invade Iraq, said:
"I wouldn't link what's happened in London to Iraq," he said.
"I don't think myself that you can do cause and effect between Iraq and what happened a few days ago."
Following the deadly bombings that shook London on Thursday, July 7, 2005, some media reports wrongly linked the attacks to the UK government's decision to join the United States in its illegal war on Iraq, implying that the attacks were in retaliation of the Iraqi war.
Asked whether he would back emergency powers for the Government if there were to be more attacks, Mr. Kennedy replied: "I think you can't ever in these kinds of circumstances rule things out categorically, irrespective of the circumstances that you encounter."
Moreover, Mr. Kennedy stressed his party's focus on the importance of upholding civil liberties even under such trying circumstances.
However, Mr. Kennedy stated that he could not fault the government's state of preparation for the attacks.



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