What Is Really Going
On In China?

Dr. Patricia Doyle, PhD
Jeff - It is so difficult to know what is really happening in China. If only we could get samples from both human and porcine cases we would have a better idea on etiologic agent or coinfection agents.
I noted one of the symptoms in porcine cases was foaming at the mouth. I thought that so odd and it sounded like rabies.
Bacteria can be coinfections with viral illnesses, or as a result of depressed immune function from viral illness.
We saw some of the SARS and even H5N1 cases develop bacterial pneumonia. Some cases of H5N1 developed bacterial meningitis and some developed viral meningitis.
China is definitely hiding something and that is why the complete news blackout on the diseases and that is why some of the research labs there were shut down. It is the main reason why NO samples of cases are allowed to be studied either by Chinese researchers or scientists abroad. Only certain GOVERNMENT research labs can research these illnesses.
They have had a "Chinese Plum Island" boo boo or their vaccine caused the outbreak. This is not typical Asian H5N1 or typical Strep Suis type 2 pig bacteria. (Of that I am sure!)
One of the promed posts described the administering of H5N1 vaccine by putting it into water sources, or by aerosol which would enable better and more complete dispersal and would better distribute the vaccine between birds, humans and mammals. Maybe they sprayed poison, disease without realizing it. Some of the vaccine was described as activated. In other words they took the 2004 H5N1, cloned and mutated it to produce the vaccine.
Reverse Genetics:
The experimental procedure that begins with a cloned segment of DNA, or a protein sequence, and uses this knowledge to introduce programmed mutations (through directed mutagenesis) back into the genome in order to investigate gene and protein function.
What if they gave the vaccine to pigs? What if the mutations caused the virus to jump to man? What if the pig bacteria transmitted to humans or became part of the new mutation? What if the new flu strain to be incorporated in the vaccine turned out to cause the flu, the new mutated version?
I still wonder about "foaming at the mouth?"
Focus on the Flu
Reassortment vs. Reverse Genetics
A comparison of the age-old method of making a flu vaccine with a new, more efficient technique.
View Reassortment Illustration showing how researchers use reassortment, which is the swapping and mixing of gene segments between two different viral strains inside a fertilized chicken egg, to create a new vaccine.
High resolution illustration is available for downloading
Reverse Genetics
View Reverse Genetics Illustration showing how researchers use reverse genetics to custom-make a flu strain to be incorporated into a vaccine.
High resolution illustration is available for downloading
Patricia A. Doyle, PhD
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From Leslie Bell
The answer is simple. We have been attacking China with biological agents for years now. And to their credit, they have not yet retaliated.
How do we know this? Because China would obviously be testing agents that attacked ONLY non-Asians. On the contrary, all the recent "Chinese" illnesses have been expressly genetically targeted at Asians and people of Asian ancestry, i.e. American Indians. Indeed, our government has been testing these illnesses against our American Indian population for at least five years, when the first "outbreak" of the hanta virus (supposedly from mice) nearly wiped out entire reservations.
We have to understand something. We cannot allow ourselves to be driven by the same paranoia that drives the neocons and their ilk. China is an extremely reluctant adversary, one that is loathe to fight the United States, for they know what this would mean AT THIS POINT IN TIME. Although they realize they will win (more land, more people to survive an all-out nuclear exchange) they also realize it would take decades to repair their infrastructure.
HOWEVER, if we continue attacking China and her allies (Iran, North Korea) in these clandestine ways, THEY WILL BE FORCED TO RESPOND IN KIND.
And it won't be survivable, not by THIS country. Not with its open borders, troops halfway across the world, NO NATIONAL GUARD, and only a Nazified FEMA'ed police under siege.
It is not enough to ask yourself "Why are the neocons and their masters intent on suiciding America?" Why indeed does any dictator, no matter how benign (and I use the term loosely) ALWAYS self-destruct in the end?
Because the entity, the spirit, the drive that gave them the power in the first place lives only to laugh as it pisses it all away and NOTHING IS LEFT.
THIS is the ONLY lesson to learn from history, and dictator after dictator NEVER EVER does.
Indeed, when one country (the US in this case) is faced with an overwhelming challenge like China (and where China will be in the next century, barring all-out nuclear war), the PRUDENT thing to do is to befriend it, help it become what it must become, and then become a parasite state. Being China's Israel would have been MUCH preferable to being China's Taiwan or Tibet, but suicidal necons in control of young lives would much rather THROW THEM AWAY in a last-ditch attempt at world domination.
Clinton was RIGHT. And it's just good ole common sense. You get more with honey than vinegar. You get more by LOVING YOUR ENEMIES than by KILLING YOURSELF TRYING TO, in utter FUTILITY, destroy them.
All else is idiocy. Suicidal idiocy.
Leslie Bell




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