Doctored Photos
From Photo Of 'Bombers' Has Been Doctored
Anton Hughes
Hi - I sent the article and photos to a friend. Here is her reply.
I had a good look at it and I opened it into Photoshop but it's very hard to tell because the resolution is so low seeing as it is just a video capture.
The way the railings look like they are running over him is just optical illusion. His arm is bent (and you can kind of see his lower arm coming up and his hand gripping what looks like the strap of his bag/backpack) and that is why you can see the railing behind him and the area that they must be suggesting is the lower half of his arm is actually the corner of the building behind the railings.
The one they suggest is running through his face actually isn't and the white area on his face is just skin and light reflection. The lighting on his coat, hat etc is consistent with rest of the photo which is usually the way you can pick up if something has been added into the picture.
Also, if someone was going to go to the trouble of doctoring the photo they wouldn't leave anything as glaringly obvious and badly done as railings running over the top of someone. I mean, even the crappiest image retouched wouldn't do that! It would be so, so easy to get rid of the 'railings' if that is what it actually is if you were placing this guy into the shot. What would be a lot harder would be making all the highlights and shadows totally consistent with the rest of the photo especially on something so low-res and that's what I'm looking at to test it's authenticity.
The light reflecting from the railing at the level of his face has visually 'bled' into the light reflecting from his face because the image is very low-res and hi-contrast.
I also think the area around the figure they suggest makes it look like is has been cut out and pasted on is just a sort of 'halo-ing effect' you get when images are very low resolution and you try to blow them up bigger. If you notice the effect isn't just around the guy with the hat but also around the whole of the guy in front of him who isn't suggested to be superimposed.
Take from it what you will but that's my professional opinion :)
Reviewed by M. Macgregor-Reid, Graphic Design business owner with 7 years experience.



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