A Healthy Hatred
For Government

By Ted Lang
In the very same week that the Supreme Court of the United States declared that the God-given right of private property, first articulated for US in the Declaration of Independence, no longer existed in America via the Court, s judicial decree, my town's government decided to convert all private homeowners into commercial "operators. I will explain this legalistic anomaly in depth later, but the point I wish to emphasize immediately is that this latest absurdity of government-generated word trickery lead to a meeting between the township administrator and me.
The top bureaucrat of the town let me know that he knows there are those who "hate government. I, of course, readily admit to this, yet I,m not aware how I,d blown my cover. I wore a white shirt and a tie for the interview, compared to his colored golf shirt, and conducted myself most cordially and in a reserved, respectful manner. He had requested the meeting after the avalanche of correspondence and alternative proposals I mailed the town government to counter the draconian ordinance they were contemplating. But nothing got their attention faster than the full-page article I authored in the county newspaper and my published letter to the editor in the local newspaper.
The local government's assault on private property rights takes the form of an ordinance which codifies ordinary taxpayers and homeowners as commercial septic tank system "operators. The unlawful attempt here is to convert residents from mere septic tank users to commercial type "operators so they can be prosecuted as such. As private homeowners disposing of simple sanitary waste of less than 2,000 gallons daily, they are now exempt from commercial restraints and punitive measures.
But consider the opposite: supposing I wanted to convert my two-car garage into an auto repair business, or my wife wished to capitalize on her culinary skills by converting our kitchen and dining room to a restaurant - would the town's zoning laws allow this? Of course they wouldn,t. But when government sees the need for expediency, no law or ethical and moral standards are ever permitted to come between the State and its desires.
Digressing for a moment, there is a need to elaborate on the applicable state laws involved here. In my home state of New Jersey, the applicable environmental law is found in Title 7 of the New Jersey Administrative Code. Our town borders on a large lake, which the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has listed as being continuously polluted by inadequate homeowner septic systems.
On the basis of population per square mile, New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the nation. The lake has accumulated pollution over the last 100 years or so, which has been exacerbated by the gradual conversion of the popular summer resort area to a year-round community. Small summer homes and cottages were made permanent residences with little thought given to the proper planning, design and construction of septic systems.
In spite of my state of mind as regards the double-barreled assault on private property during that particular week, and also in spite of the fact that I once organized my neighbors to fight another city hall royal screw-up twenty years ago, I really didn,t hate the State up until that point in time; I was, rather, leery of it. Not anymore! I have fast-forwarded to where I hate, loathe and despise the State.
Whether it is local town government trying to weasel themselves onto your property and manipulating your property rights, then apologizing for the state government's "putting pressure on town government to "clean up the lake, or when the Morris County [NJ] Tax Board decides tax rates in my town are too low considering the skyrocketing prices of homes in our area, the State, at all its levels, delivers only one undesirable commodity: force! And nothing shows the State's contempt for people more than the Katrina disaster in New Orleans.
There are those who continue to bluster as regards the State's "incompetence; sorry, I no longer buy into that. The actions of FEMA in cutting temporary communications, and in misdirecting deliveries of bottled water and food rations, and the unconscionable actions of the Bush regime in sending in heavily armed military forces instead of emergency aid and rescue workers in a timely manner, and the rejection of all the emergency assistance offered by so many nations of the world, says it all. The State, in the form of the Bush administration, hates US! And the statist gangsters might as well know it - we are beginning to hate them right back!
So when the State tried to throttle the anti-war protestors of the 60s, and cops were busting the heads of long-haired hippies in sandals, the pigs of state had a slogan: Next time you need help, call a hippy! These days, it now seems excellent advice!
© 2005 Ted Lang - All rights reserved
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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