Seventh H5N1 Fatality
In Jakarta Denied
Hospital Treatment

By Dr. Henry L. Niman, PhD
The following is a software translation of the original Indonesia news story:
RS the Infection (RSPI) Sulianti Saroso denied it refused a reconciliation patient from RS the Alliance of the Indonesian Church (PGI) Cikini, was named Yesica Triana. The child was 2 years old 2 months died around struck 05.00 WIB, because of being suspected of being attacked by birds flu.
"Yesterday we were contacted by the doctor from RS PGI Cikini to ask whether having the room?" But was explained by me, the room capacity in ICU only was 4 Bed , with 4 machines of respiratory aids. But one of the implements was broken, explained Santoso.
According to Santoso, the ICU RSPI space capacity last night was full. Because, has had three patients was treated, namely Gayatri pearls, Windi Lisa, and the deceased Riska.
"Now, the Yesica condition required him to be treated in ICU. was still, at the time being sent by me so that Yesica is treated there previously," said Santoso.
At that time, Santoso asked RS PGI Cikini to take the sample of Yesica blood to be researched by the team of the Department's research and development of the Health. This method was carried out to know whether Yesica was affected by birds flu or not. "So untrue if RSPI refused the reconciliation patient," defended Santoso.
The above machine translation indicates a two year old patient, Yesica Triana, died after refusal of admission at Sultianti Saroso hospital. There were only four ventilators and one was non-functional. On the three function units were Riska Ardian, who died yesterday, Mutiara Gaytri, who is H5N1 positive and is a contact of an 18 month old, initials RH, and Windy Lisa who was admitted on September 19.
Patients are being transferred to Sultiant Saroso, even though there are only three ventilators and three more bird flu patients were just admitted (ages 18, 17, and 9).
There is clearly no surge protection and use of other facilities is being limited (Yesica was from RS the Alliance of Indonesian Church, Riska was from RS Salom Cempaka, and Muriara was from Siloam Gleneagles in Tangerang.
Clearly the H5N1 pandemic is spinning out of control. The number of patients who are hospitalized but not yet transferred is unknown and the number of adults reported are under-represented.
Clearly the H5N1 pandemic has moved to phase 5 and the lack of details in media reports is remarkable.
From Patricia Doyle, PhD
Hello Jeff - I do suggest that people view Dr. Henry L. Niman's website as there is much going on with H5N1 bird flu, specifically an outbreak in Indonesia that is looming larger every day.
Given the poor health care in Indonesia and the tendency of the government to cover up case numbers combined with false negatives in testing procedures it is unclear how many case numbers there are and how widespread the outbreak it.
We did hear that zoo workers contracted H5N1, and the zoo, due to infection of birds, had to close.
See Henry Niman's website for "What's New"
Patricia Doyle



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